BP Batam Hospital is innovating by setting up a Healthcare #Blockchain with dClinic


SINGAPORE, May 27, 2019 /PRNewswire/ — The primary partnership is between BP Batam, through BP Batam Hospital, and dClinic, who have engaged Deloitte South East Asia and JP Consulting to provide project management and clinical governance expertise.

dClinic’s Public Healthcare Blockchain (“PHB“) will be a private healthcare blockchain leveraging data analytics tools supplied by world class partnering companies. The PHB will be implemented at a secure data centre in Batam operated by BP Batam Authority and dClinic.

Bringing these companies together shows how exciting blockchain can be for healthcare. We aim to show the rest of the world how blockchain can be leveraged to offer proactive and positive outcomes for consumers across Indonesia.” – Dr. Richard Satur (CEO of dClinic).

Several observers from the Indonesian government are following this project carefully with an aim to eventually deploying a successful solution across the whole of Indonesia. dClinic will be implementing its PHB with the central goal of proving its effectiveness for providing a secure, dependable and flexible Longitudinal Electronic Health Record (“LEHR“) for patients and consumers.

Once the PHB has proven its effectiveness in Batam, dClinic will partner with other governments and organisations to implement this blockchain solution in other regions around the world.

Batam is excited about being a leader in healthcare. We believe dClinic’s solution coupled with the expertise and facilities the BP Batam Authority and BP Batam Hospital brings to the project, offers Indonesia an opportunity to advance the delivery of effective healthcare services for all Batam and eventually, Indonesian patients.” – Dr Sigit Riyarto M. Kes (Director of BP Batam Hospital).

BP Batam Authority is proud to participate and promote this advance in healthcare, especially for Batam. The group which has been assembled to provide this solution indicates how prestigious Batam is seen as a location for technology advancement. We invite other governments to visit our region and to meet with this exceptional group of companies.” – Edy Putra Irawady (Chairman of Batam Indonesia Free Zone Authority).

The Indonesian government is watching this project carefully with great interest and we wish the group and project all the success.” Dr Edi Prio Pambudi (Deputy Assistant Ministry of Monetary and Balance of Payments)

dClinic, Batam Indonesia Free Zone Authority and BP Batam Hospital will provide regular project updates and we invite 3rd party application providers to initiate discussions with us to integrate your solutions with this PHB.

About dClinic

dClinic is the first healthcare company to operate clinics on a dedicated Public Healthcare Blockchain (PHB). The combination of owning our facilities and providing our revolutionary Public Healthcare Blockchain for the delivery of vitality and wellness services in partnership with local expert providers, is the key to successfully transforming the delivery of care for consumers world-wide. dClinic – My journey to VITALITY!

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