Brahma Wallet Officially Released Version 1.0: Open Source, Efficient and User Friendly Brahma Wallet Officially Released Version 1.0 Open Source Efficient and User Friendly Brahma Wallet Officially Released Version 1.0 Open Source Efficient and User Friendly


The general version of Brahma Wallet was officially released on December 1st, 2018. It can be adapted to Android 5.0 or above mobile phones. This is another product of Brahma OS besides the Brahma Image. It also demonstrates that Brahma OS is building the underlying platform of high-performance block chain. At the same time, Brahma OS is building and perfecting the ecological system of Brahma OS decentralized operating system which was seamlessly docked with digital asset management.

Brahma OS takes the widely used Android system as an entry point. It is an easy-to-use, interactive and user-friendly operating system that is secure and protects user privacy. Brahma OS has one-stop management service, integrates various decentralized services to provide developers with a complete ecosystem of the underlying architecture for the applications. The most distinctive feature of Brahma Wallet is the Flash exchange which is a leap forward of Brahma OS and the foundation to fulfill the requirements of ordinary users and DApp developers.

As an user-friendly decentralized wallet, Brahma Wallet use one set of Mnemonics to create multiple chain accounts which makes the backup management more simple. It also supports the transaction among hundreds of mainstream cryptocurrencies. With the help of smart contract of block chain, secure transaction can be realized. The Flash exchange of Brahma Wallet helps to select the best rate automatically so that users can easily complete the exchange of BTC, ETH and other currencies in their wallets with zero loss.

The payment service is vital for Brahma OS, and due to Brahma OS will become the carrier of many DApps, such as games, social networking, media and so on. All consumption in DApp will be completed on the chain. From payment requests to payment completed the users do not need to rely on other centralized system but just Brahma Wallet. Additionally, Since Brahma Wallet is completely open source, DApp developers can easily access and implement transactions in Brahma OS without worrying about the underlying architecture.

The release of Brahma Wallet V1.0 will ensure that Brahma OS continues to move forward on the road of wide audiences, and keeps a high-speed development momentum. It will build Brahma OS into an operating system ecosystem with decentralized networks. It will use the technology and thinking of block chain to solve the problems of data resources open, sharing, circulation and privacy protection.

In the future, Brahma OS will also support the value circulation function of BRM (Brahma’s native digital currency) in the system to achieve seamless integration within the OS ecosystem. Brahma Wallet and the under developing Brahma Toolbox will be adapted to all Android 5.0 or above mobile phones, and of course these will also be adapted and pre-installed in Brahma OS system. As the first decentralized open source application of Brahma OS, it is expected that Brahma Wallet will perform more stably and effectively in the ecosystem.

The relevant source code was published on Github for you to view or download:

The development documents of API:

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