Brand Safety Alert: How Toxic is Today’s Programmatic Digital Advertising Environment to Brands, Advertisers, and Publishers?


Digital threats to brands represent a powder keg of risk with a short, burning fuse that can explode at any moment, costing brands thousands — maybe even millions of dollars.

First, ad fraud theft can steal anywhere from 5% to nearly 50% of an advertiser’s total ad spend. Next, pile on brand safety risks that can damage a brand’s reputation, sales and future marketplace presence.

Welcome to today’s problematic reality of programmatic advertising. What could be more frustrating to brands and agencies that do everything right from a messaging standpoint with their digital advertising campaigns?

Fact is, that entire human and financial investment in work product can be a total waste once any digital ads appear online near compromising or malicious content on sites and pages the advertiser has no control over. The negative impact to an unaware and unprepared brand can include a major reputation hit, lost revenue, even diminished shareholder value via financial, legal and regulatory issues.

Marketers and big brands inadvertently fund terrorist organizations through revenue received from video views on YouTube

Look no further for the perfect storm of ad safety concerns unearthed by London Times’journalists. In 2017 they discovered brand advertising appearing next to extremist videos on YouTube. Digital ads for hundreds of large companies, universities and charities were all affected.

Indirectly, these brands helped cause additional clicks and views of those extremist videos which generated revenue pocketed by those extremist groups. No wonder many advertisers suspended advertising on YouTube completely.

The inherent risk to brand advertisers was not isolated to that particular incident.  A recent Harris and DoubleVerify poll found that two-thirds would likely stop using a brand if they saw an ad for that company run alongside ‘false, objectionable or inflammatory content.’

tribeOS Co-Founder Matt Gallant have embraced the challenge of today’s digital ad ecosystem. Gallant added, “tribeOS is the only advertising platform that put a stake in the ground and made total transparency and ad fraud protection a number one priority. 

Here’s today’s reality: ads appearing on questionable sites and pages can undo years and millions of dollars invested in overall brand equity. We’re proactively engineering solutions using our machine learning and AI expertise to mitigate risk and brand safety concerns. All so advertisers can have peace of mind when running their display ad campaigns on our platform.”

As brands navigate the programmatic ad environment, it’s easy to get overwhelmed and confused, and, as a result, delay taking any serious action.

Michael D’Iorio, tribeOS Director of Business Development shared this, “It’s no picnic for brands today with the ever-evolving risks associated with digital programmatic advertising. The ad tech ecosystem and its inefficiencies are being targeted and exploited by bad actors. Brands and agencies alike must be far more vigilant when evaluating the advertising providers they work with. 

These efforts are now table stakes from a risk mitigation perspective to ensure brand safety and help preserve trust. tribeOS understands these complexities and is building a transparent platform that reflects this evolution in advertising and the need to solve this problem once and for all.”

Gallant and D’Iorio will share the tribeOS brand safety initiative at the eBev conference October 28-30, 2019 in Las Vegas. eBev is a high-level, boutique event featuring executive-level attendees of major beverage brands. Gallant and D’Iorio will lead standalone and roundtable discussions on the following topic: ‘The Evolution of Digital Advertising – Stopping Ad Fraud Using Blockchain Now and Securing Brand Safety at Scale.’

To learn more about tribeOS and its ongoing commitment to brand safety visit the website.

tribeOS is a fully transparent display advertising platform that prevents ad fraud and helps advertisers and publishers run secure, digital ad campaigns online. The tribeOS mission: increase digital ad campaign performance through the use of the blockchain. Create the fairest, most transparent, and highly profitable digital advertising platform in the world. And, in so doing, end ad fraud while increasing accountability and ease-of-use for advertisers and publishers.

Marc Harty, Public Relations Director, tribeOS   
(325) 603-4570


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