Brinc Finance is the fastest growing DeFi community of 2021!


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The Brinc Token (BRQ) is a next-gen DeFi cryptocurrency launching in May 2021.

SAN FRANCISCO, April 19, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Brinc Finance has experienced tremendous growth of its online communities, oversubscribing the early-adopter Spearhead Program by over 2000%. Brinc Finance is promising to be one of the biggest DeFi projects of 2021, adding more than thirty-thousand double-verified registered email subscribers with over twenty-two thousand Discord community members in less than two weeks, and almost ten-thousand Twitter followers in less than 24-hours.

“The response from the community has been massive,” says co-founder Stefan Rollins, “It demonstrates how eager the market is for DeFi projects like Brinc that take the power away from banks, whales & miners and deliver it to the community.

The closed BETA for the Brinc DApp launched last week to members of the Spearhead Program. After more than twenty-five thousand people signed up for the program, the Brinc team expanded the number of initial slots so that more community members could participate.

Our community is awesome – they have completely embraced the project and have launched channels in multiple languages for us including Korean, Chinese, Russian, Indonesian & French. They are the most active community in DeFi, and they are passionately committed to helping us build a better Brinc,” says Rollins.

And that commitment to the community is reciprocated. Unlike other DeFi projects, Brinc Finance will not mint tokens for sale in an ICO nor allocate and distribute funds to founders. All purchases of the BRQ Token go into reserve smart contracts to create value for the BRQ protocol. Governance of the protocol is determined by holders of the BRQ Governance Token (gBRQ), and all changes to the Brinc protocol will be initiated by gBRQ Token holders, subject to minimum levels.

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About Brinc Finance
Brinc Finance is a decentralized team located in Seoul, San Francisco, and Los Angeles that is building seismic applications for the defi space. The Brinc Token (BRQ), is a next-generation cryptocurrency that blends high revenue generating potential, transparency, liquidity, and intrinsic value to deliver a cutting-edge, value-packed token powered by the community.

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