ChainUP with HiCoin, Node Capital, Jinse Finance, BiKi and other “Node Family” members attended the “Consensus 2019” in New York


NEW YORK, May 28, 2019 /PRNewswire/ — New York time, May 13th to 15th, the Consensus 2019 Conference, the world’s largest and most influential Blockchain summit was hosted by world-renowned blockchain media CoinDesk in New York.

ChainUP, a world leading blockchain technology service provider, HiCoin, a branded blockchain wallet solution provider along with other members of Node Family, such as Node Capital, Jinse Finance, and BiKi, attended the consensus conference as one of the exhibitors.

Consensus 2019 Conference is an industry event for all practitioners of the global blockchain ecosystem. It brings together large-scale corporate representatives, developers, entrepreneurs and investors in the encryption field, such as Wall Street financial giants, well-known investment institutions, blockchain star startups, well-known academic research institutions and major national regulatory agencies. The well-known people and industry experts gathered for the fifth time, through a three-day intensive agenda, to develop deep dialogues and discussions on the development of blockchain applications and cases, blockchain technology development, compliance, how to complete a global layout on the encrypted world economic map and other topics.

As early as last November, ChainUP was invited as a leader in China’s blockchain technology to attend Consensus to demonstrate the technical strength and excellent solutions of ChainUP, and to share ChainUP’s exploration experience in the blockchain field. Among them, Kris, the founder of HiCoin Wallet, also participated in the round table discussion on “Differences and Comparisons between Chinaand the US Blockchain Ecosystem” in the BBS investment special session of Consensus Invest, and put forward his views on the future market of the wallet.

In the view of ChainUP after participating in the New York Consensus Conference, the US blockchain market is globally leading in terms of academic research, project quality, regulatory policies, and transaction volume. The team of ChainUP is very familiar with the US market, however ChainUP focuses on communicating with the world’s blockchain practitioners and arranging global markets instead of regarding the consensus conference as an opportunity to know about US market.

ChainUP is a world-leading Blockchain technology service provider which has obtained several-round investment from a number of top institutions in the industry, including Morningside Venture Capital, Joy Capital, Node Capital, Albatross Venture capital and Taoshi Capital. It provides blockchain technology solutions such as wallet service system, digital asset trading system, AUROR exchange situational awareness system and public & alliance chain.

Currently, it has served more than 150 exchange customers around the world, and its brand HiCoin has also served more than 50 wallet customers around the world, with users throughout South Korea, Japan, Singapore, Southeast Asia, West Asia and North America. In the near future, it will further promote the global ‘super node’ partner program to seek global partners to develop overseas markets.