Coin Launches the Coin Assistant — the World’s First Financial AI-Assistant for Digital Assets


Coin, a U.S.-based technology startup founded by Microsoft alumni, has launched its premier product that will disrupt cryptocurrency exchanges by providing mainstream consumers with the fastest and easiest way to manage their digital assets.

The Coin Assistant is the world’s first financial AI-assistant for digital assets. Named AIDAN, it is an Artificially Intelligent Digital Assets Ninja intended to help generations XYZ save time and money. Dubbed the “Venmo of Crypto”, sending or receiving money is a breeze and no longer requires a wallet address. Like Venmo, Coin’s wallet naming service allows users to send and receive assets directly by name or username. Anyone can send assets by simply typing “Send $50 Bitcoin to Mary Jordan“. Users can also receive assets across the Internet using their special link:

For those who prefer extra assistance, AIDAN can help users execute buy, send, and exchange transactions in a guided step-by-step process. What is currently considered as a complex and daunting task for the average consumer, can now be completed in just a few clicks and in a matter of seconds. Users can also ask AIDAN anything from the price of Bitcoin to the 24-hour volume on Binance. Starting today, managing digital assets is as easy as sending a text or voice message.

The app supports buying digital assets using credit/debit cards and Apple Pay and will have future support for selling and withdrawing assets into a bank account. Its next release will feature integration with messaging and voice apps such as Telegram, Slack, Facebook Messenger, and Google Home enabling users to log in and use AIDAN natively inside their favorite applications. The Coin Assistant creates a seamless unified experience to help bridge the gap and bring cryptocurrencies to the masses where they are most comfortable.

“As a company focused on leveraging emerging technology to build and deliver innovative financial solutions, we are excited to bring to market the Coin Assistant to help shape next-generation financial services for future generations,” said Coin CEO Damon Nam.

About Coin
Coin XYZ, Inc. is a technology company that develops solutions to empower generations XYZ to execute financial services. The company’s mission is to simplify banking and digital assets.

Coin is led by a team of Microsoft veterans and prominent advisors Christina Apatow, founder of FetchyFoy, Jeremy Gardner, founder of Augur, Alex Mashinsky, founder of Celsius Network, as well as Pete Cashmore, founder of Mashable. Coin is one of the few blockchain companies in the world with entities registered with the United States SEC and FinCEN. For more information about Coin, please visit:

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