CoinMarketCap Becomes First-Ever API Distributor of Flipside Crypto’s FCAS Ratings


Beginning today, Flipside Crypto’s fundamental health rating system, FCAS, will be available to all registered users of CoinMarketCap’s API.  FCAS stands for Fundamental Crypto Asset Score, a single, consistently comparable value for measuring cryptocurrency project health.   This is the second phase of a relationship for CoinMarketCap and Flipside Crypto: FCAS has appeared on CoinMarketCap’s asset pages since March of 2019.

FCAS is produced using primarily blockchain transaction data and developer activity to characterize cryptocurrencies.  Daily FCAS Ratings for more than 500 crypto assets are now accessible via CoinMarketCap’s new API version upgrade (v.1.16.0) across all pricing tiers, including the Basic Tier, which is free for personal use. In addition, CoinMarketCap’s updated API provides ROI, ATH, ATL, and other “price performance statistics” with its new endpoint.

“We couldn’t be happier to announce CoinMarketCap as the first-ever API distributor of FCAS and its subcomponents,” said Flipside Crypto CEO, Dave Balter. “Crypto organizations are maturing, and their ability to develop product and whether they can attract and retain customers are key signals that will impact long term value and price, so it’s only natural to distribute via CoinMarketCap as an industry leader.”

Beyond FCAS, Registered CoinMarketCap API Users will also be able to access Flipside Crypto’s daily subcomponent ratings for User Activity, Developer Behavior, and Market Maturity.

“We are excited to bring Flipside’s quantitative data to our API, so that users of our API are now empowered to draw ever more accurate conclusions using multiple data points,” said Carylyne Chan, Chief Strategy Officer of CoinMarketCap, “As we expand future paid offerings on the API in partnership with Flipside, we are confident that these will support even more data-backed decisions, spanning price, volume, and fundamental metrics.”

Flipside Crypto’s FCAS is produced by ingesting blockchain transaction data and applying behavioral tags to understand the actions of customers, speculators and 16 other segments, as well as evaluating more than 30 data points across 18,000 github, gitlab and bitbucket developer code repositories.  Over 100 billion events are analyzed to generate a clear comparative picture of individual crypto asset performance.

Flipside Crypto was founded in 2017 by veteran entrepreneurs Dave Balter, Eric Stone and Jim Myers.  The team previously built Smarterer, a machine-learning skill assessment platform that was acquired in 2014 by Pluralsight. Flipside Crypto is venture backed by True Ventures, Coinbase Ventures, Digital Currency Group and other investors.

About Flipside Crypto

Flipside Crypto provides unparalleled analytics and business intelligence to crypto organizations. Their suite of analytics tools provides insights into user behaviors, developer activities, and financial activities, as well as FCAS, a relative value for measuring the fundamental health of cryptocurrency projects.

Flipside provides analytics to more than 65 cryptocurrency organizations and distributes FCAS via partners such as CoinMarketCap, Messari, MarketWatch and TheStreet. Flipside Crypto is backed by True Ventures, Founder Collective, CoinBase Ventures, Digital Currency Group, and other investors.

About CoinMarketCap

Since 2013, CoinMarketCap has been the premier price-tracking website for cryptocurrencies. It is the most referenced and trusted source for comparing thousands of crypto entities in the rapidly growing cryptocurrency space by users, institutions, and media. CoinMarketCap firmly stands for accurate, timely and unbiased information, enabling each end user to draw their own informed conclusions from CoinMarketCap data.

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SOURCE Flipside Crypto, Inc.