Competition Is the Fuel of Innovation


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When it comes to the Crypto market, few things remain static. Start-ups are racing to provide ever-improving products to gain a foothold in their respective markets. ( aligns with this mindset of constant improvement and in turn, developed one of the most innovative exchanges models in the crowded crypto trading exchange space.

The Mechanism’s introduction of combined BTMX mining and reverse-mining models has allowed it to lay the foundation for what they aim to be the most client-centric exchange to date.

Users who opt to utilize the exchange’s transaction-fee mining mechanism will be able to trade with transaction fees ranging from 0.04%-0.025%, which is the lowest in the industry. The equivalent of the aforementioned fee will be returned to the user’s account in the form of BTMX, the native token of the exchange, based on BTMX’s price on the secondary market.

Additionally, As offers the option of reverse-mining for Maker trades, user not only get rebates by executing Maker trades but also “return” the equivalent market value of BTMX tokens by the platform deducting them from the user’s account. They will be sent for permanent lock-up, thus reducing the overall circulation of BTMX on the secondary market.

An Outstanding Token Model

Most of the current top-ranked exchanges earned their positions on the basis of price-competition. However, the Crypto market is one of the most dynamic industries in the world, and thus the pricing models that once seemed economical are now considerably expensive if compared to the fees charged by On top of that, BitMax’s tight spreads and outstanding token model, which were developed through extensive market research, have definitely differentiated itself from the rest of industry.

Trans-fee and Reverse Mining vs Other Models

BitMax’s trans-fee mining and reverse-mining models go hand-in-hand. The trans-fee model provides liquidity on the secondary markets while reverse mining model for those maker trades provides a means to control the inflationary nature of transaction mining from the number of token in circulation. Together, these facilities carve out a new token model, and this is how it compares with established token models.

Membership Benefits : using BTMX to purchase membership VIP cards can give users the discount that can be as much as 30% off of regular transaction fees. Currently, some other exchanges charge several thousand dollars per month for this kind of membership benefit. Also, the membership allows the user to have high limit for large-sell orders, giving user more flexibility while reducing the number of BTMX tokens in support of the overall supply-demand balance.  All in all, the membership program creates loyalty among the users with potential higher share of distribution of transaction fee in the form of data usage feel pool.

Transaction-Mining and Reverse-Mining: is not only the pioneer of trans-fee mining, but also is the industry first exchange to complement it with reverse-mining. This has a considerable impact on how BitMax differs from other exchanges that only offer trans-fee mining. Other exchanges that use transaction-mining have only developed minimal usages for the mined tokens. Thus, the only way to control token in circulation while maintaining the token value is through the artificial buy-backs the exchanges perform themselves, or for token holders hoping to receive a dividend derived from daily fees., however, has structured BTMX as a utility token with a sustainable use case.  With combined mining and reverse mining models, users can reduce their overall transaction fees especially factoring in the rebates received for the maker trades, and share one’s trading data to the exchange in return for a portion of daily transaction fee.  These mechanisms establish a natural demand for BTMX tokens because of the utility they provide. And BitMax’s future platform improvements will increase BTMX utility moving forward.

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