Constellation Partners with StackPath for Edge Compute and Scalable Node Deployment


Constellation Network, Inc, a San Franciscobased software and “blockchain company,” announces partnership with StackPath, a leader in cloud computing at the edge.

Constellation’s “Blockchain for Big Data” approach to data infrastructure tools and enabling interoperability between legacy and cloud data systems, is a decentralized, secure, and scalable approach for enterprise clients. The partnership with StackPath enables Constellation’s clients to have plug-and-play functionality in a cloud infrastructure. Additionally, it allows Constellation’s node operator community and network to easily test and deploy virtual instances/nodes in a commercial environment. This partnership pushes the needle in making it easy for blockchain technology to be adopted by real-world use cases and businesses with edge computing needs.

Constellation is building a decentralized network, much like Bitcoin and Ethereum, where nodes validate data (in bitcoin they solve math problems, called mining), maintain the network, and receive cryptocurrency in exchange for their participation or contribution of compute resources. The StackPath partnership will enable hundreds of node operators, looking to build out the Constellation Network, to easily spin up virtual instances for a fraction of the cost and time as traditional offerings.

“StackPath’s secure edge platform is the perfect complement to the distributed nature of Constellation’s ledger technology,” said Justin Johnson , VP Developer Relations. “Our goal is to make it as easy as possible for developers to quickly and easily build anything on the edge and this partnership is one more way in which we are doing that. This will also allow us to explore scalable blockchain solutions for edge computing initiatives that are compatible with StackPath’s existing solutions.”

In addition, the partnership will provide an easy procurement path for enterprise partners to leverage Constellation’s infrastructure tools. Benjamin Jorgensen, CEO of Constellation Network states: “One of the main problems with the adoption of blockchain technologies, like Constellation, is the lack of cloud infrastructure plug-ins and simple integrations to blockchain infrastructure and testing the technology. As enterprise organizations look to use blockchain technologies, there will be a process of procurement like every other software implementation. Most blockchain implementations to date have been one off PoC’s (proof of concepts) because this circumvents the need to go through procurement with financial and legal teams.”

The StackPath and Constellation partnership signifies a chance to bring blockchain technology into the mainstream by making it easy to deploy, test, and integrate blockchain solutions. As such, Constellation’s node operators are the first to spin up VM’s on StackPath. StackPath’s infrastructure will provide the ability to scale various edge computing use cases and their clients will have the opportunity to explore scalable blockchain technologies.

About Constellation Network, Inc
Constellation provides infrastructure tools for an open decentralized data marketplace and an enterprise grade software solution for data provenance and integrity. It’s secure, cost-effective, scalable, and easy to integrate. Furthermore, Constellation provides data dependency graphs on a decentralized DAG (directed acyclic graph) network – an evolution of existing blockchain technologies. The solution not only secures data pipelines through encryption but creates an audit trail of data downstream to enable a live overview of the status of any data source.

SOURCE Constellation Network Inc.

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