[Erie News Now USA] Phil Mesnier, Principal EOS Blockchain Protocol Developer is Convinced that Gaimin is a Natural Match for EOS Protocol


“The EOS protocol and Gaimin have so much in common with the communities we operate in. I am glad to hear from Phil Mesnier and his team about our choice of using EOS as our core protocol. He is very certain that EOS will work very well with our game plan in the gaming industry. It will be revolutionary and the gaming communities will like what we have installed for them. I love EOS and I believe that the EOS ecosystem will be delighted when they see our products,” Martin Speight said to the Blockcast.cc reporter.

Gaimin seeks a community of like minded gamers to contribute computational power to blockchain mining. It matters who we work with, in that they will get proven rewards by using the Gaimin application. While EOS has a worldwide community of developers working on their protocol, which means that there is amble help when projects like Gaimin needs further development enhancement. The community of developers are very collaborative and they are well known in the blockchain industry to be one of the most dynamic game changers.

EOS is powered by the native cryptocurrency EOS. The protocol emulates most of the attributes of a real computer including hardware (CPU(s) & GPU(s) for processing, local/RAM memory, hard-disk storage) with the computing resources distributed equally among EOS cryptocurrency holders. EOSIO operates as a smart contract platform and decentralized operating system intended for the deployment of industrial-scale decentralized applications through a decentralized autonomous corporation model. The smart contract platform claims to eliminate transaction fees and also conduct millions of transactions per second. This is exactly what Gaimin, relies upon, believes in and why their platform is built on it.

Source: https://www.erienewsnow.com/story/40878085/phil-mesnier-principal-eos-blockchain-protocol-developer-is-convinced-that-gaimin-is-a-natural-match-for-eos-protocol