Export Portal Supporting Small Businesses in Unprecedented Global Pandemic

Export Portal Small Businesses During COVID 19

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CEO Ally Spinu Provides Resources and Tips to mSMEs to Weather the COVID-19 Storm

GLENDALE, Calif., May 8, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — With the novel Coronavirus sweeping the globe, Export Portal and CEO Ally Spinu are well aware of how important it is to support small businesses and the global economy.

“We are in the midst of a global public health crisis unlike any that most of us have ever witnessed and we are rising to the occasion, united in a global cause with empathy, resilience, determination, and teamwork,” said Ms. Spinu.

mSMEs not only account for an average 70% of jobs all over the world, but about $4.5 trillion dollars of the world’s export business. It is essential that we continue to follow Export Portal’s mission of providing mSMEs with everything they need to enter the world of international trade confidently, no matter the circumstances.

“As the CEO of an mSME-focused global portal, our response to COVID-19 is to continue our commitment to supplier mSMEs around the world,” Ms. Spinu said. “To that end, from now until the end of 2020, all Certification fees and sale fees are waived.”

Not only are Certification and sales fees waived, but Ms. Spinu is hosting a biweekly Global SME Forum online to answer questions, share insights, and bring the international mSME community together. To sign up, click here.

While the global pandemic has caused a lot of challenges for small businesses, support is not hard to come by. We know that as long as we continue to help each other, the strength of SMEs will only grow and expand – no matter the current market difficulties. In this current situation when one cannot welcome customers directly into one’s workshops and stores, Export Portal’s secure online B2B marketplace is the best place to be.

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About Export Portal & CEO Ally Spinu: After personal experience with the difficulty of international trade, successful businesswoman Ally Spinu founded ExportPortal.com. Export Portal is a digital B2B marketplace aiming to be a comprehensive international trade hub for SMEs and their counterparts. Empowered by a proprietary blockchain technology, Export Portal prioritizes security, transparency, cost-effectiveness, and ease-of-use. Partners can confidently trade, network, and communicate with other verified companies and experts from all over the world.

To learn more about our platform, go to: https://www.exportportal.com/learn_more

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