Formosa Financial Announces Merger With CEZEX and to Create a Complete Digital Asset Ecosystem


TAIPEI, Taiwan, May 24, 2019 /PRNewswire/ — Formosa Financial (“Formosa Financial” or “Formosa”), the one-stop platform for managing digital assets, is pleased to announce that it will merge its operations with the CEZEX Digital Asset Exchange (“CEZEX” or the “Exchange”) and (“Katalyse”). Together, the three businesses will combine to form a comprehensive ecosystem enabling an integrated solution for digitizing assets from tokenization (issuance), listing, treasury management, and trading of any digital asset for clients in both the blockchain industry and capital markets alike.

CEZEX, the first fully-licensed overseas virtual crypto exchange that has launched out of the Philippines’ Cagayan Economic Zone Authority (“CEZA”), is offering trading of cryptocurrencies and security tokens backed by assets such as stocks, bonds, real estate and derivatives (forex, commodities, CFDs). Through the diversity of this offering, CEZEX aims to become the bridge between the traditional financial markets and the emerging digital asset space.

Formosa Financial and CEZEX are further complemented by the addition of Katalyse to provide an integrated solution for operating a marketplace for digitized assets. Previously known as FundYourselfNow, Katalyse brings simplicity and ease of use to the token issuance process by providing a straightforward interface for programming compliant smart contract functions and parameters. As the industry begins to coalesce around standards for digitization of different asset types (such as ERC 1400 for security tokens), it is essential that critical market infrastructure is supportive and interoperable with these standards.

CEZEX was established with the support of CEZA and forms part of the Philippine government’s wider initiative to establish a startup hub for fintech and blockchain related ventures in the region. Its ambition is to establish the Cagayan Valley as the “Crypto Valley of Asia.” CEZA has set up a Self-Regulatory Organization, the Asian Blockchain And Cryptocurrency Association (“ABACA”) to oversee the governance of the digital assets in the Cagayan Special Economic Zone and Freeportregion, providing a regulated environment to ensure that participants of CEZEX comply the regulatory framework (KYC/AML/listing rules/trading rules).

Simultaneously, Formosa Financial has obtained a license from CEZA and its CEO, Ryan Terribilini, is a key advisor to ABACA.

“As we saw the shift from utility tokens to methods for digitizing traditional asset types, we saw an opportunity to generate accretive value by consolidating mission-critical technology and services for this new frontier under one banner. As a principal license holder in CEZA, Formosa Financial was eager to partner with a fellow license holder and tokenization platform to bring greater synergies to current and existing clients,” said Formosa Financial CEO, Ryan Terribilini.

“CEZEX Digital Exchange aims to create a more structured market environment for listing and trading digital assets, as well as support the development of the digital asset industry into a more professional, structured, efficient and sustainable sector, and it is, therefore, logical to combine our exchange with a professionally set up and well-established one-stop treasury management company for the digital asset class,” said CEZEX CEO and Co-Founder, Jack Ser.

“We are extremely excited about this development in the digital financial industry, which truly will revolutionize the traditional capital markets. The combination of CEZEX, Formosa, and Katalyse will enrich the global security token ecosystem and allow for more participants in the digital asset markets,” said Katalyse Co-Founder Kenneth Tan.

He also added, “Also, the merger will provide an integrated regulated environment of listing, treasury and trading of a broad range of tokenized asset classes with the ability to fractionalize ownership and thereby unlock the liquidity of assets that were previously considered illiquid. It also offers investors with access to global digital asset markets within a more secure, transparent and regulated trading environment.”

About Formosa Financial

Formosa Financial helps digital asset holders and blockchain innovators solve some of their major pain points by offering a one-stop platform for their financial services needs. From a single point of entry clients have access to a customizable suite of treasury management tools, minimizing friction, costs, and time delays around mission-critical financial tasks.


CEZEX is a next-generation exchange market for direct trading in digital assets. They operate a regulated market place where companies or projects can list asset-backed security tokens and investors can trade these security tokens with other investors in a secondary market where security and transparency are safeguarded by CEZEX. CEZEX operates a unified platform for traders, brokers and issuers to list and trade on a fully regulated and compliant market exchange. They obtained a license and are authorized to operate a “Security Token and Asset-Backed Token Exchange” as issued by CEZA, the Philippine government controlled corporation tasked to manage and supervise the Cagayan semi-autonomous region.

About Katalyse

Katalyse is Asia’s leading cryptocurrency token sale listing platform that facilitates startup entrepreneurs to raise funds from the public for their projects. Formerly known as FundYourselfNow, it has worked on and completed over 60 public and private placements for ICOs in over 25 countries. Katalyse’s listing platform enables projects to easily manage client onboarding (submission of documents, AML/KYC, review and approval process) and tokenization of assets.

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Formosa Financial Announces Merger With CEZEX and


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