FOX NEWS: 2020 A New Era of Blockchain Opportunities

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Leading institutional investment company, technopreneurs, futurists and academic leaders gather at the roundtable to discuss about a new era of blockchain opportunities installed for the old and new industries, and how the present work done will impact the future.

In the discussions, the panel of international experts brought up many new opportunities and trends that they can reasonable see in the upcoming months.

“I can see that there are new interests in the market right now. Investors are getting more interested in the blockchain companies and understand the tokenisation model better. In my opinion, there will be new funding initiatives after the ICO and IEO era. I came up with the new terms such as IWO (Initial Wallet Offerings) or ICBO (Initial Community-backed Offerings), such offerings may stormed into the market next year as there is a demand. This may bring in new traditional investors into the blockchain market. The introduction to regulated securitised exchange will also bring in more confidence.” Anndy Lian, Blockchain Advisor to Asian Productivity Organization (APO) started the ball rolling with his some of his observations.

Lau Wen Loong, Associate Director of Tembusu Partners also agree with Anndy’s observations and has added “There appears to be a general consensus that the market is quieter and that’s certainly so in comparison to the hype in early 2018, but institutional interest continues to increase in the space. Various reports have also shown that the number of IEOs have at least held steady in this last quarter and there continued to be acquisitions as well. Surviving projects are working hard on building their product and generating traction while wiser entrants know they cannot raise money half as easily and so have to take feedback more seriously. In turn, that allows serious investors and founders to reach common ground more easily. That bodes well because, as a whole, the signs point towards an industry that is slowly starting on the path towards maturity.”

Martin Speight, CEO of Gaimin responded: “Yes we do see an increased interest in Gaimin too in the recent months. There were multiple requests for collaboration and investments after our successful IEO in Korea with Borabit. Our blockchain token and revenue sharing model helps in this interest. With the help of the technology, owners of powerful and under utilised gaming GPUs are encouraged to “rent” their resources and be rewarded with our GRMX Gaimin tokens. In return, GRMX can be used in the “real” life, allowing gamers to use our tokens to buy gaming assets. I am often being asked if our platform is secured too. Well my answer is yes! Tokens are all on the blockchain. The security of the blockchain is one of the benefits of this technology and one of the many reasons for the choice of EOS. Members of my development team have had substantial experience working in the banking sector with high profile roles in Chase Manhattan, JP Morgan to name a couple. Their backgrounds and approach to everything security related have been key. We were thrilled about when they came onboard and began working with us as part of the core development team.”

In the recent months, there are also blockchain movements that have attracted a lot of eyeballs. The campaigns help to educate the market and create more awareness for the blockchain industry. It has also opened up new opportunities for traditional businesses to work together with emerging blockchain companies to enhance their business. These opportunities help to keep blockchain businesses sustainable.

The blockchain itself is already known to be a potentially valuable tool in today’s gaming global market. It has provided verifiable scarcity of virtual objects and collectibles, a reliable and quick payment solution and also the ability to monetise, turning games playing into a form of sustainable income. Blockchain has carefully brought the old and new gaming markets together and formed a new economy on its own.

This roundtable series is curated by and hosted by This is Gaimin’s third roundtable discussion session and they will continue to engage with various stakeholders globally to share their mission and vision