Gaimin Identifies Asia as the Core Gaming Market: Changing the Game of Accessing More Computing Power


Gaimin, an incentive gaming system based in Manchester, UK, has identified Asia as the core gaming market and will start their awareness campaign in July, educating gamers on how their system will change the game of accessing more computing power.

Ever wonder why gamers today with PCs so immensely powerful which could easily render CGI or mine cryptocurrency, are put off by the idea of getting into this realm?  Many gamers report that cryptocurrency is too resource-demanding, it takes too long to manually mine, and it is extremely complicated to mine coins properly.  Never mind figuring out how to use their resources to help render CGI or apply their computation power to other resources which are in desperate need, to top it off, how to get remunerated for it.

This is where Gaimin comes into play. Gaimin found that there was a giant hole that separated services utilizing computing power, blockchain technology and gaming PC’s. To fill that gap, Gaimin created a system that connects the world’s largest supply of distributed processing power, which belongs to the 1.3 billion gaming PCs in the global gaming community, with the rapidly growing, worldwide demand for massive processing power for CGI rendering and cryptocurrency mining through a simple and efficient platform.

Here’s how it works: When you are not using your computer, automatically turns on, analyzes your system to see where it will have the highest gains.  Computation power is gathered, stored and used for a variety of rendering processes within the CGI world.  It’s not limited to just CGI, computational power is in high demand and at a shortage; everything from nuclear generators to national defense systems require computational power.  On the other hand, the platform uses data in the cryptocurrency space to mine the best coins that the system can handle, from there, it automatically converts them into stable coins. When you start using your computer again, the program automatically turns off. It’s that easy!

This revolutionary system will allow gamers to earn a passive income and receive in-game assets just by keeping their computers on. All you have to do is install the software then sit back as your computer does all the work. A solution so simple, yet so powerful.

You can read more about Gaimin at or download the latest copy of their whitepaper at

About Gaimin:

The Gaimin platform is an AI-driven software that harvests gamers’ processing power and hardware when they are not being used. This allows a gamer to direct their unused resources to the passive accumulation of crypto assets, without affecting their gaming performance and without the need for any specialized knowledge. Gaimin provides a simple, highly practical solution with a 1-click download and install platform. This next generation, AI driven software runs in the background of a gamer’s PC and, without affecting their gaming performance, allows for direct access to unused and underutilised processing power and hardware resources that can be directed to profitable activities.