Sees Big Potential for Gaming in South Korea, China and Singapore

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Loading sees big potential to expand their products in the Asia market, especially for South Korea, China and Singapore. Martin Speight, CEO of Gaimin gained more confidence after meeting more people and also speaking to the delegations from Singapore and China that he met in South Korea last week.

Martin and his team were present at the South Korea Immersive Program presented by Nanyang Polytechnic – Singapore Institute of Retail Studies and supported by SkillsFuture Singapore where Mr Anndy Lian, Book Author of Blockchain Revolution 2030 and an Inter-governmental Adviser gave an opening keynote speech. During Anndy’s speech, he has mentioned that blockchain is giving a new meaning to gaming and we need to look at differently from now onwards.

Martin was also given a chance to share about Gaimin to the audiences at the event. He emphasized that Gaimin is no ordinary blockchain gaming platform that allow you to play games only, it allows you to earn tokens using your GPU.

“I am very fortune to meet good friends and partners during this trip in South Korea to share how the Gaimin platform functions. I have seen how the South Koreans work and now I see how the Singaporeans work, I am impressed. They asked a lot of intelligent questions and even challenged our concept. This is a good sign for us. This means that they are interested in us. I see big potential for Gaimin to expand into South Korea, China and Singapore. Asia will be our second home!” Martin said.

Gaimin also recognizes that their initial offerings are widely accepted in South Korea. The collaboration with has completed successfully. That is with the exceptional help from Borabit and various forums online, a lot of buzz was created around Gaimin, which propelled its popularity in South Korea, China, and Southeast Asia. Andrew Faridani, CMO of Gaimin, expressed his satisfaction with the team at Borabit: “It is a pleasure to work with Borabit, and it was a smooth and simple experience. They were very helpful and generous with their time to help us better understand their process. Borabit also helped us to acquire more customers in the process. I am happy and got to experience how their AI platform works. It is very efficient.”

The team at Gaimin is looking to rectify the issues brought up by the people who missed their chance to participate. There are talks and initial plans in place to host a second Asian IEO. For updates and future plans from Gaimin, please follow them on social media and join their Telegram group by searching



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