Gaimin Who’s Who?

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Gaimin Who’s Who?

The founders did not just want to plug the gaps, they wanted to seize the opportunities that collaboration could open up.  That is what the project needed and that is what Gaimin believe they have achieved.

The bedrock of more than 15 years of working together in various guises, and the trust that the founders shared had to be reflected in the expanded team.  Egos were happily set aside.

Each of Gaimin’s advisors were asked to participate not simply because of their knowledge, background, experience or CV. These people were well-known or came through personal recommendation. Team work needs to be more than a concept, and the overall team reflects this ethos.

Who’s who?

Sometimes, people seem destined to meet….

Bev Warburton:

Introduced to us by a well respected business associate, Bev embraced our concept from day one and her experience and knowledge of community building will propel us to the next level.  Along with her knowledge of strategic international  development and over 25 years of global corporate experience she brings to the team a unique insight and many years of seeing “how not to do it” from within numerous companies during many consultancy roles.

Bev’s people management skills gained throughout Europe and across Asia coupled with her bird’s eye view continue to provide Gaimin with a priceless perspective..

“I believe Gaimin has every possibility of becoming the next big brand, the concept is beautifully simple and simply that good” Bev was quoted as saying recently when asked about why she had agreed to be an Advisor to the team.  “I feel that I can genuinely add value to a talented bunch of guys and can have fun doing it.

Gaimin and Bev, it had to happen.  We were delighted to have Bev on board.  

Her diverse business experience is what we wanted to challenge us and to hold us to account.  We consider that we are in a great place to thrive together, the stage that Gaimin is at is ideal for Bev to advise and bring her considerable expertise to bear to move us forward.  

Miguel Ferrero:

Miguel Ferrero is key to us accessing the Spanish speaking gaming markets. Through his own involvement in the gaming industry, we have already made contacts with leading Spanish gamers and influencers, some of whom we met in person at Madrid Games Week in October 2018, an event he has personally been involved with and help grow over the last few years into the leading Spanish speaking gaming event.

Miguel himself has a deep understanding of where the gaming market is heading through his own involvement in VR/AR technology.

In short, Miguel’s extensive contacts and knowledge of the gaming industry ensure we have the ideal person representing us for the Hispanic markets and beyond.

Enrique Santos:

Enrique Santos is a long-time trusted friend of CEO Martin Speight. In fact, Martin considers him to be the most accurate technical stock market analyst he has ever met, and his insights into the crypto markets have proved to be incredibly reliable, predicting both the $20k top in Bitcoin and then the $3k bottom most recently, with amazing accuracy. He has published 4 books and given many courses on the use of Elliott Wave Theory and Fibonacci in stock market analysis, his books are even bought by the Bank Of Spain and used by their traders.

Gaimin plan to investigate the possibility of incorporating Enrique’s knowledge into their blockchain mining AI, in order to preempt moves in certain cryptos with a view to increasing mining rewards by getting positioned before other miners see the opportunity. To the best of our knowledge, nothing like this has ever been done before and it will help ensure even greater rewards for our users.

The right people in the right place at the right time to make a success is what Gaimin strongly believe they have.

About Gaimin:

The Gaimin platform is an AI-driven software that harvests gamers’ processing power and hardware when they are not being used. This allows a gamer to direct their unused resources to the passive accumulation of crypto assets, without affecting their gaming performance and without the need for any specialized knowledge. Gaimin provides a simple, highly practical solution with a 1-click download and install platform. This next generation, AI driven software runs in the background of a gamers PC and, without affecting their gaming performance, allows for direct access to unused and underutilised processing power and hardware resources that can be directed to profitable activities.