Good Luck 3 Offers Players New Gameplay & Bonuses to Celebrate RAKUN IEO on Liquid


Good Luck 3, the Japan-based blockchain game developer behind popular games such as Gudetama Quest and Crypt-Oink, announced the offering of new races and bonuses for blockchain and gaming enthusiasts in celebration of the initial exchange offering (IEO) for their RAKUN platform on Global cryptocurrency platform The RAKUN Initial Exchange Offering will be hosted by Liquid, starting from November 18, 2019.

Good Luck 3’s RAKUN blockchain gaming platform will give players a more immersive experience, allowing users to not only raise and train their very own Crypton (pigs) in the increasingly popular Crypt-Oink Racing Friends game but also sell their creations in exchange for RAKU tokens. With RAKU, users will be able to either purchase other game content or trade them for other tokens on Liquid.

“The RAKUN blockchain gaming platform is already bringing players closer to the action by creating a close-knit community and rewarding them for contributing exciting content and playing,” said Kazuhisa Inoue, founder and CEO of Good Luck 3. “The RAKUN IEO is a great opportunity for blockchain and gaming enthusiasts as there is an already functioning ecosystem where players will be able to use RAKUN tokens to buy in-game content to enhance their gaming experience. We firmly believe in great gameplay and providing an enjoyable experience for everyone — a combination of value and entertainment that appeals to the investor and the player.”

During the sale period, to commemorate the RAKUN IEO, the Good Luck 3 team has planned several special races and incentives such as:

  • RAKU Token bonuses for users who complete the short RAKUN survey
  • Users who purchase 10,000 RAKUN or more will receive a special RAKUN Crypton (pig)
  • The RAKUN “Time Attack Challenge” Race that is to be run throughout the sale. Each day, players with the top 3 race times will be rewarded with RAKU and the limited edition RAKUN Crypton.
  • At the conclusion of the IEO, a special RAKUN Race, featuring a special grand prize, will be open to all.

The RAKUN token is demonstrating how functional digital economies can work, allowing users to not only create and share their unique creations via NFT content, but transact in RAKUN tokens, and use that value in games on the platform and beyond. When users invest time in making and training/raising a Crypton pig with its own unique set of traits and appearances — with over 3.6 trillion combinations possible — the blockchain will be used to store life-like distinct creatures with genetic information.

The platform currently boasts two popular titles — Crypt-Oink Racing Friends and CryptoIdols — but plans to expand the available titles on the platform and may also choose to open the platform to games from partner developers in the future.

RAKUN reflects the future of gaming, seamlessly integrating fun user interactions and a value exchange that rewards them, on- and off-platform. As the user base grows and more games are to be offered, the RAKUN tokens will increase in value.

To take RAKUN’s survey, visit the Good Luck 3 survey page at, where users can earn a chance to receive bonus RAKUN tokens.

To learn more about the RAKUN IEO, visit:

About Good Luck 3

Founded in 2013, Good Luck 3 created hit social games such as the “Touch! Gudetama.” series and “Aerial Legends” which had nearly 4 million downloads. The new RAKUN blockchain platform is a fully-functional gaming ecosystem that offers Japan’s first Blockchain game, “Crypt-Oink”, a top DApp of 2018 & 2019, as well as other titles like Crypt-Idol. More titles will be added as the platform grows and RAKUN tokens are used to purchase content in-game or trade on exchanges.

For more information on the RAKUN project, visit

About Liquid

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