#Hollywood GFT™ Digital Collectibles find a marketplace in partnership with Greenfence Consumer and OpenSea.io


BEVERLY HILLS, Calif., May 30, 2019/PRNewswire/ — From Fox Entertainment’s Deadpool 2 to Director Joe Dante’s award-winning “Trailers From Hell”, studio’s and creator’s digital assets are finding their way to the blockchain and are being traded through the GFT™ Exchange.  Announced during Blockchain Week at the Consensus 2019 event in New York, Greenfence Consumer and OpenSea.io have partnered to enable iconic Hollywood intellectual properties to be traded through a decentralized, whitelisted, marketplace.  The platform enables fans and collectors of sports, movies, TV, music, game items, art, etc., to trade, sell and purchase assets in a decentralized marketplace, maintaining provenance, security, and trust for the IP owners.

The GFT™ Exchange is a decentralized marketplace where iconic IP is managed through both public and private blockchains.  The GFT™ Exchange allows for an asset from a private chain to move to public chain and carry any contractual agreements a rights holder places upon the asset through a smart contract.  Examples include revenue for IP holders beyond the first sale, promotional or marketing windowing, and other asset rules that allow the IP owner to be able to manage and control the growing business.

OpenSea.io is the first partnership with Greenfence Consumer to enable fans to trade, sell and purchase GFT™ Authentic Digital Collectibles™.

“OpenSea.io has provided a public gateway for our protected private chain distribution of promotional and sell-through Hollywood IP,” says Jonas Hudson of Greenfence Consumer.  “By protecting the “release schedule” of the digital assets we can help studios control digital distribution and protect their assets from fraud while generating a new revenue stream above and beyond the first sale of the asset.

“The GFT platform has been taking a huge leap forward in giving fans true ownership of their digital collectibles.” says Alex Atallah, Co-Founder of OpenSea.io.  “Before this, digital assets were hard to verify/value and IP owners weren’t being reliably compensated. Bringing Hollywood assets to the Ethereum public chain on OpenSea is a significant step forward for fixing both problems, and we look forward to seeing more!”

GFT Collectibles From Trailers From Hell

“Trailers From Hell launched over a decade ago during the infancy of mobile content and continues to partner with leaders in new technology advancements,” said Joe Dante, Creator, and Co-Founder of Trailers From Hell.  “For over 10 years we’ve created content and the blockchain finally enables a “DRM” solution to create valuable, trusted, collectibles for our fans.”

“Trailers From Hell fans are incredibly loyal and informed film fans,” said Jonas Hudson, Co-Founder of Greenfence Consumer.  “The blockchain is the first technology to create trust and transparency for the fanbase and enables a perfect platform for the collectors of all things Hollywood.”

About Greenfence Consumer

Greenfence Consumer creates blockchain based mobile platforms for brands and retailers, enabling advanced engagement tactics and gamified loyalty and rewards programs. GFC facilitates the next generation in targeted marketing and the distribution of GFT™ Authentic Digital Collectibles™, digital assets powered by the blockchain.

About OpenSea.io

OpenSea is the largest general marketplace for crypto collectibles and digital goods, with the broadest set of categories (120 and growing), the most items (over 3 million), and the best prices. They do this through a community of passionate users and developers. OpenSea partners with game developers to create customizable storefronts for users to automatically buy and sell their crypto collectibles.”

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Jonas Hudson

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