Horyou Media: Blockchain For Good, Alive and Kicking at the UNESCO Blockchain Practices and Perspectives Conference


GENEVA, May 23, 2019 /PRNewswire/ — On May 17, 2019, the UNESCO hosted a high-level conference entitled Blockchain, Practices and Perspectives at its Headquarters in Paris, with the aim to “better highlight how Blockchain technology can be applied for social good“. The conference staged interdisciplinary discussions among researchers and practitioners of computer science, humanities and social sciences, economics and law, giving voice to public and private Blockchain project developers in panels that were both stimulating and inspiring.

The themes that were tackled by the invited panelists ranged from introductory to expert, and from theoretical to practical, as they explored various areas whereby Blockchain, as a revolutionary and disruptive technology, can serve social good and enforce the sustainable development goals as termed in the UN 2030 Agenda. Hence, while exploring education and open science, or asserting Blockchain as an efficient artistic copyright management tool, or again a tool for direct democracy, the conference provided a rather large array of situations, experiences and projects whereby Blockchain technologies, though still at an early stage, hold the promise of a fairer world for all.

Interestingly though, while all the aforementioned panels and themes were aimed at highlighting the idea that just because Blockchain is often likened with Bitcoin and similar cryptocurrencies doesn’t mean its use and efficiency stop at that particular area of concern, two panels – Blockchain and Social Innovation Financing, and Blockchain and Sustainable Territories – were to contribute to a better understanding, and thus a more positive view, of how such innovation could serve social good and the advancement of the SDGs.

Concepts including initial coin offering, tokenization, crypto-lending for social, responsible and sustainable territorial innovation, were explained with practical examples of ways they were or would be implemented and used for the benefit of all. One such example was presented by Yonathan Parienti, Blockchain evangelist, founder and CEO of Horyou, the social network for social good, who has recently launched HoryouToken, a digital currency built around a whole ecosystem and based on the concept of Blockchain with a Purpose, with proof of impact, meant to promote, reward and financially support problem solving positive actions and innovative projects, wherever they may be. HoryouToken is the future of digital currency for social good.

Interesting as it was, the conference would have missed its point if it weren’t for the organizers good initiative in providing all participants with a “Glossary of fifty words that shape the Blockchain ecosystem.

About Horyou

Horyou.com is the social network for social good for positive and meaningful interactions among change makers, fostering the UN Sustainable Development Goals. Horyou has recently launched HoryouToken (HYT)*, the first digital currency for inclusion advancing the UN SDGs, and is the organizer of SIGEF, the Social Innovation and Global Ethics Forum, which 6thedition will be held in Tokyo, on 18-19 September, 2019 (www.sigef2019.com).

*HoryouToken (HYT) is listed on LAToken and CoinTiger

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