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Vegt Capital

Vegt Capital

Vegt Capital

leeuwarden, Netherland, Feb. 26, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — The forex trading platform EarlyForexSignals comes under its parent organisation, Vegt Capital which supports the trading of different assets.

Vegt Capital is one of the leading investment firms based on foreign exchange. EarlyForexSignal is a trading platform that works underneath the umbrella of Vegt Capital. Both were established by an ambitious investor who has been investing since he was 16.

With more than 10 years of combined experience in foreign exchange, Vegt Capital aims to break the benchmark of trading returns for the average investor. The successful venture is now looking to expand in the Asian market.

The CEO of Vegt Capital, named Jozua van der Vegt,  was 16 when he started trading or investing in cryptos as he was too young to invest in stock markets or in options. As he practices through his company and website, he understands that the best way to get good at something is to just start and learn by the mistakes you make. It took Jozua a lot of trial and error before gaining the right understanding and creating his own profitable approach on the markets. All of these tried and tested methods took him to where he is today with a profit-making plan of his own. He owes his success to the supporting environment he has around him, especially his mom Indri van der Vegt and girlfriend Abysha.

Having a safe ground on cryptocurrency, the young investor turned to forex trading when he was just 18. Even though forex trading is different from crypto trading, the outlining method is the same. He says, “I had to fine-tune and adjust the method a little bit, but the same theory also applied to the forex markets, which is why it didn’t take long for me to successfully apply this method there as well”.

Seeing his potential in the trading avenues, investors who would want to have their funds managed started approaching for financial management. The successful implementation of the method made the company grow into what it is today. New investors and consumers keep coming in every day. The company currently manages €200M AUM (assets under management).
The company essentially grew from being a one-man show to a trading platform managing different assets at the same time. 

Vegt Capital is now working to bring the financial market closer for the average consumer with their branch EarlyForexSignals.

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