In Market First, Huobi DM Adds Instant Settlement For BTC Contracts


In a market first, Huobi DM, Huobi’s innovative crypto contract asset service, now offers instant settlement for Bitcoin (BTC) contracts.

“Huobi DM’s phenomenal growth proves that not only it is a great product but that the time for products like ours has come,” said Livio Weng, CEO of Huobi Global. “The digital asset space is becoming increasingly mature and sophisticated and it’s possible to do things now that were only a fantasy a few short years ago. Users are increasingly demanding tools to respond and engage with this new reality.”

Compared to competitors, who only offer weekly or, at best, daily settlement at a fixed time, Huobi DM’s superior risk control methods now allow it to provide users with the ability to withdraw their funds immediately when closing BTC contracts (deducting floating losses and frozen margin). In addition to protecting users in the unlikely event of a clawback, the new feature gives users more freedom and flexibility in the use of their funds. Though limited at present to BTC contracts, Huobi may expand real-time settlement to other types of contracts as well.

Developing Fast:

Now exceeding the equivalent of USD $720 billion in cumulative trading volume, Huobi DM has quickly established itself as a leader in the crypto asset contract market. Despite being less than a year old, quarterly trading volumes on delivery contracts (IE weekly, bi-weekly, and quarterly contracts) reached the equivalent of USD $59.9 billion in Q1 of 2019 and USD $340 billion in Q2. In a first for the platform, Huobi DM even exceeded its more established major competitors in 24-hour trading volume at several points during the first part of August during Q3.

Now With BSV Contracts:

Huobi DM recently added Bitcoin SV contracts, its eighth contract type. Inclusion on Huobi DM means traders will be able to take both long and short positions on BSV, allowing for arbitrage, speculation, and hedging. Since November of 2018, Bitcoin Cash’s value has fluctuated between $100 and $490 on Huobi Global.

In addition to BSV and BTC, Huobi DM offers weekly, bi-weekly, and quarterly cryptocurrency contracts for Bitcoin (BTC), Bitcoin Cash (BCH), Ethereum (ETH), EOS (EOS), Litecoin (LTC), and Ripple (XRP). 

Huobi DM Key Advantages:

  • Competitive fee structures: BSV contracts are 0.02% to open or close for makers and 0.03% to open or close for takers.
  • 8 major cryptocurrencies for users to trade with means more options: BTC, BSV, ETH, EOS, LTC, XPR, BCH, and TRX.
  • Superior risk management, including Price Limit, Order Limit, and Position Limit.
  • Superior risk control: Thanks to our sophisticated price limit mechanisms, no clawback has occurred since Huobi DM’s launch.
  • Real-time risk supervision: We constantly monitor contract prices, index prices, abnormal transactions, and positions.
  • Strong user protections: To cover the societal losses attributed to unfilled liquidated orders/settle incidents in contract trading, Huobi DM has a dedicated Risk Management Insurance Fund for each trading pair.

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Disclaimers: Digital assets are innovative trading products, and prices fluctuate greatly. Please rationally judge your trading ability and make decisions prudently. Please note that users must clear the requisite KYC checks and assessments prior to commencing usage of Huobi DM. Huobi DM is not available to users from the United States of America, Singapore, Israel, Iraq, Hong Kong (China), Cuba, Iran, North Korea, Sudan, Malaysia, Syria, Samoa Eastern, Puerto Rico, Guam, Bangladesh, Ecuador, and Kyrgyzstan.

About Huobi Group:

Consisting of numerous upstream and downstream enterprises, Huobi Group is a leading global blockchain company. Established in 2013, Huobi Group’s accumulative turnover exceeds US $1 trillion. It proudly provides safe, secure, and convenient cryptocurrency trading and asset management services to millions of users in 130+ countries.

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