#IndraSoft Supported US Army Vaccine Distribution Program Receives FedHealthIT Innovation Award


RESTON, Va., June 12, 2019 /PRNewswire/ — IndraSoft, a leading technology consulting services firm, today announced that the U.S. Army Medical Materiel Agency’s (USAMMA) Distribution Operations Center has received a FedHealthIT Innovation Award for its exceptional initiative on using blockchain technology to track vaccine supply chain.

Award winners were determined by a panel of judges that included government and industry leaders who evaluated applicants from across the industry. Awardees were selected based on their innovative emerging technology solutions and ability to deliver tangible results in support of their mission.

Raj Lingam, President & CTO for IndraSoft said, “IndraSoft views blockchain as a transformative technology for secure supply chain solutions as well as other complex, distributed use cases.  We have focused on developing our blockchain solutions to enable reliability, integrity and transparency for distributed transactions, particularly in trustless network environments. We appreciate this opportunity to drive greater automation, enable secure supply chain, create greater connectivity across defense supply networks, and improve transparency and traceability in vaccine supply chains for U.S. Army.”

USAMMA Distribution Operations Center Deputy Director Liz Andrews said, “Our goal was to explore, as a proof-of-concept, how blockchain-based supply chain management could potentially improve our operations and help us track shipments of temperature-sensitive medical products, such as vaccines, administered to deployed Soldiers and their families.”

Andrews explained that the team partnered with IndraSoft, Inc., which developed a vaccine-tracking point-of-contact application using blockchain technology. The project tested how this application might enable greater real-time inventory visibility while improving operational efficiency for multiple organizations, including the Department of Defense, the Defense Health Agency, and the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

“Our current system of record is functional but also very manual, and it does not provide visibility for all stakeholders,” Andrews explained. “In the future, a blockchain application could help us break down some of our supply chain silos and streamline integration with our customers worldwide.”

“I want to thank U.S. Army for providing IndraSoft with an opportunity to proudly support this program for almost five years and to be part of its modernization initiatives on secure supply chain. This award for the Vaccine Distribution Program further substantiates that true Government-Contractor collaboration and partnership is the foundation for executing innovative technologies,” said Karthik Srinivasan, COO for IndraSoft.

About FedHealthIT Innovation Awards
The Annual Fed Health IT Innovation Awards are hosted by FedHealthIT, a print and digital magazine dedicated to providing news and insights focusing around the Federal Health Market. The annual event brings together Federal Health leaders from government and industry to honor the companies, agencies, and programs that provide innovations in the healthcare technology industry.

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