International Sky Group – Optimizing the Communication Ecosphere


The 21st century is the era that belongs to the global information society. Nations around the world are increasingly investing in the development of info-communications technologies. Moreover, the online world appearance without a communication barrier would be significant for better world economy and development. According to the World Bank, a growth of as little as 10% in broadband penetration would increase the overall GDP growth rate by 1.21% in developed countries, and 1.38% in developing countries.

However, there are still many parts of the world that remain inaccessible to voice and internet communication. The high cost of these services in developing countries make the adoption process further challenging for the individuals. Presently only 40% of the global population has access to the internet. Residence in remote areas, inadequate income to afford communication services, lack of network access, etc., are some of the fundamental reason behind low online accessibility.

International Sky Group – The Solution

International Sky Group is an unconventional project that aims to overcome the hindrances of the communication sphere and allow individuals to access voice and internet communication without worrying about complexities and costs. The platform has developed ‘Satellite Communication System(SCS) that is capable of operating together, as well as individually with the existing global telecommunication network. Furthermore, the system covers on a low-orbit communication satellite constellation that allows high-speed information transfer to its users. The system uses 98 satellites present on the low Earth orbit that generates a possibility of 100% coverage of the information surface, thereby reducing the costs and optimizing the accessibility of communication services.  

Offering Speed and Security

Leading enterprises envision to offer data transmission at 2 Mbps per subscriber by the year 2021, whereas ISG aims to provide 12 Mbps data transmission for one subscriber. Moreover, the platform employs phase-code manipulated signals that offer reception and information transfer without interrupting the data flow in the data array. The standard time to connect a user’s device to a space vehicle is around 10 seconds, whereas ISG envisions to establish this connection in less than 76 microseconds. Reliable voice and multimedia communication will be provided to the air subscribers at the speed of up to 12, 000 km/h without expensive access points or roaming charges.

Risk of data security is one of the biggest challenges faced by the communication domain. ISG’s SCS is in compliance with all relevant security standards. The system incorporates wireless data transmission technology that ensures there is no meddling from any third party. The company also offers a personal code to each user that further strengthens the security process.

ISG Blockchain

ISG Blockchain utilizes IoT networks and Machine-to-Machine transactions. In order to verify transactions, a combined consensus algorithm is used by Proof-of-Stake and Proof-of-Authority. Furthermore, transactional validators within the Proof-of-Authority mechanism receive a 2% fee in ISG tokens for communication developed with the ISG wallets. The validators obtain a 0.01% of the transaction amount for communication that is generated from other wallets.

ISG – A Reasonable and Reliable Solution

International Sky Group is a unified communication platform that envisions to optimize the existing telecommunication domain. It has developed the ‘Small Communication Satellites’ system that increases the communication capacity, thereby allowing the company to offer multimedia communication services to the most remote areas at affordable prices.

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