Last Chance to Meet Blueshare’s Security Token Team In 2018


Blueshare Security Token project team is on the final leg of their extensive world tour in 2018. The crypto community can find out more about the project directly from the blue mining helmets at CryptoBlockCon, Las Vegas sponsored by Blueshare.

Currently attending the last day of the Blockshow Asia 2018 in Singapore, Blueshare’s team will be heading to CryptoBlockCon, which takes place at Mandalay Bay, Las Vegas on the 11th and 12th December, where they will be ready to answer any questions from interested investors.   

As sponsors of the event, visitors can find the team at Booth 203. Furthermore, Blueshare will take over the stage, when the team will pitch the project to investors.

Blueshare – Interprom Mining AG’s innovative Security Token project offers investors paper equity shares on the blockchain by facilitating a stress-free, fast and easy stock-buying process.

Thanks to the security token and the tokenization of company shares, investors can join Interprom Mining AG and benefit from its large-scale infrastructural projects and metal mining.

With multiple successful projects behind the company’s back and more than $3.4 billion in the existing and over $25 billion in forthcoming mining concessions, the management team has the right mindset to achieve further growth by further 280 million Euros in capital and invest them directly into its mining concessions.

The Blueshare team started their tour at the 2018 Malta Blockchain Summit in November 2018, and continued with the Blockchain Life Conference in St. Petersburg, Russia, where the STO project won 3rd place at the ICO pitch event.

Following their participation at the World Blockchain Summit in Amsterdam, Netherlands on the 9th November, they attended the Blockchain and Cryptocurrency Conference 2018 in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. During the conference, 13th – 15th November, Blueshare’s Dr. Zlatin Saratsov, CFO and Ilian Scarlatov, Financial Advisor delivered a keynote demonstrating how Blueshare’s tokenized securities disrupt the traditional shareholding process.

The BlockBali Summit was another opportunity for the crypto community to meet the team. Оn the 17th of November, more than 18 speakers and 20 exhibitors took over the event’s stage. In front of 500 attendees, Ilian Scarlatov, Blueshare’s financial advisor, took part in the Blockchain – Taking Centrestage panel discussion.

On the 27th November, Blueshare headed to Blockchain Summit Dubai, UAE, where they presented the project. Iavor Kurtev, Strategic Advisor to the CEO of Interprom LLC and Co-Founder of, delivered his keynote on How and Why Are We Tokenizing The Traditional Equity Paper Shares of our Swiss Company at Theatre 2 – Innovation and Core Technologies stage.

The team was also present at the biggest event from the tour – Blockchain Expo North America in Santa Clara, USA, which gathered together over 14 000 people on November 28th and 29th. The team presented and pitched their Security Token project on stage during both days.  

The company behind the STO project, Interprom Mining AG is a Swiss SPV and the beneficiary majority owner of Interprom LLC, with a 90% stake. Interprom LLC, holds all concessions and the Blueshare security tokens are 100% backed by listed shares, meaning each Blueshare STO holder is entitled to 1 listed share of the company. Interprom LLC counts with 22 years of experience in the field of construction and large infrastructure development, such as building of roads, subways, and Wastewater treatment plants.

Currently completing the construction of 5 metro stations and 5 kilometers of tunneling for the subway in Sofia, Bulgaria, Interprom has proven their expertise and commitment in achieving ambitious goals.

Interested investors shouldn’t miss out the chance to meet Blueshare’s team and find out how to become shareholders and take part in the new focus of the company – metal mining through the benefits of security tokens – complete absence of third-party intermediaries, a high level of security, open and accessible channels for communication, and many more.

To find out more about Blueshare and subscribe to the project’s newsletter, please visit the official website.

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