Leading Singapore Cryptocurrency Exchange ‘Tokenize Xchange’ Lists TKX Emblem and Acquires a Stake in Crowd Ventures


Singapore, 22 November 2018  — Tokenize, Singapore’s leading Cryptocurrency exchange is pleased to announce two major milestones as it ends 2018 on a strong note. First, Tokenize has launched the TKX Emblem on its proprietary exchange platform, the Tokenize Xchange. Second, Tokenize has acquired a 20 percent stake in a Crowd Ventures. Full details of Tokenize’s involvement will be announced on 30th November at Principality 2018, a one-day blockchain conference connecting investors and blockchain leaders. Principality 2018 will showcase practical blockchain applications across industries such as finance, healthcare, logistics, and energy. The event will be held at Marina Bay Sands, Singapore.

Tokenize Xchange lists the TKX emblem

Building upon the company’s successful Initial Coin Offering and garnering much community confidence since its beginning, Tokenize Xchange is proud to usher the next stage of the digital currency evolution through the listing of its TKX Emblem.

To inaugurate this major undertaking, Tokenize Xchange wants to recognise the continued trust and confidence conferred from its 20,000-odd user-base, as well as welcome prospective users to the Tokenize family.

The TKX Emblem is now available for trading through legal tenders of Singapore Dollars (SGD) and Malaysian Ringgit (MYR), as well as via digital currencies pairs of Bitcoin (BTC) and Ethereum (ETH).

Beyond the TKX Emblem, Tokenize Xchange also offers vast options for trading in the form of Legal Tender-Digital Currency and Digital Currency trading pairs for established cryptocurrencies as well as emerging ICOs via the Tokenize IEO Platform.

Tokenize provides frictionless accessibility to purchase cryptocurrencies. Through hybrid wallet mechanisms, Internet Protocol whitelisting and 2-factor authentication, the company ensures digital assets are safe with added security. Additionally, Tokenize employs round-the-clock customer service specialists, catering to individual user needs. The aim is to build a consolidated platform that addresses the gaps in community engagement.

Tokenize further differentiates itself from other Singapore-based Cryptocurrency exchanges by aiming to become the benchmark for market operators, implementing high-level security measures, meticulous Know-Your-Customer (KYC) procedures and providing users with a frictionless transaction experience through smart contracts and charging trading fees as low as 0.5 percent.

Tokenize acquires 20 percent stake in a Singapore-based technology company

Finally, Tokenize has also acquired a 20 percent stake in Singapore-based technology company, Crowd Ventures, to cement its stance on the future of blockchain for everyday use. As blockchain technology evolves to encompass more facets of our digitally-connected lives, the importance of Intellectual Property (IP) as a business asset will be understood by more technology companies. Tokenize and Crowd Ventures see the intrinsic value of owning blockchain patents and are working together to have patents internationally recognised to achieve this objective.

As such on 30th November 2018 at Principality 2018 held at Marina Bay Sands, Singapore, Tokenize will officially detail in its keynote address its acquisition stake of Crowd Ventures and its global patent portfolio. In line with Principality 2018’s central objective of sharing practical ‘how-to’ real-world use cases for blockchain, Tokenize will showcase how blockchain patents will strengthen digital currency developments and positively contribute to the burgeoning blockchain ecosystem.

About Tokenize

Tokenize is a Singapore-based Digital Currency Exchange founded in October, 2017. Tokenize Exchange exists to connect an autonomous community with a purpose — to bring financial democracy back to the people in an orderly ecosystem. It is not just merely about exchanging cryptocurrencies, but deep down, Tokenize aims to achieve ultimately the exchange of ideas, knowledge, and values. Visit Tokenize at – https://tokenize.exchange/

About Crowd Ventures

Crowd Ventures is a Singapore-based technology company and was founded in 2015. Crowd Ventures developed the Ideacity, a crowd-resourcing platform that connects creators, investors, professionals, and buyers. A production version of the IP Blockchain platform was incorporated into Ideacity and has been in use by global creators since 2016. Visit Ideacity at http://ideacity.io

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