Li Rixue From Secoo Group: Achieving Comprehensive Organizational Scaffolding with Smart Tiny Social Network and Giant E-Commerce Platform


BEIJING, Jan. 21, 2019 /PRNewswire/ — The theme of the Secoo annual party on January 20th, 2019 was “Together“. To be an enterprise, dreams are originated from individuals, and responsibilities are taken by people. Moreover, Togetherwritten in Chinese characters, utilizes the character for “People”, connecting to the idea that people come together and make a crowd to achieve a goal through concerted efforts.

At the Secoo annual party, Li Rixue – the Founder and CEO – used 11 figures to summarize what Secoo would like to present to the public. Healso stated that Secoo will move up dramatically in 2019 and will take comprehensive steps to enhance international competition to foster the leading position in the global luxury market with the goal of reaching the level of other international brands and building upon its quality services with the uniqueness of the Secoo brand.

Consumers are the Best Representatives

As Asia’s largest premium lifestyle platform, Secoo has been taking consumers’ exquisite lifestyle as the initiating point to continuously build comprehensive high-end lifestyle services. Moreover, Secoo is upgrading online and offline premium shopping environments to meet the material and spiritual needs for high-end consumers with exquisite goods worldwide and premium customized services.

Over the last one year, Secoo improved its business of Secoo Lifestyle, Secoo Ming, Secoo Arts, Secoo Finance, Secoo Agriculture, EEC, Secoo International and so forth. The platform also frequently engaged in strategic trans-boundary partnership with multiple brands such as Parkson, Sasseur, Will’s and Caissa Travel, involving a variety of fields such as agriculture, travel, hotel, wine industry, sports and retail.

“In the past decade, Secoo has always been taking the interests of consumers as the first priority, in order to satisfy their demands. You have to know the consumers’ preferences first,” Li Rixue emphasized. “Consumers are the best representatives. Corporations should focus on them for future development and stick to the concept that their benefits should be prioritized over the interests of employees, which should be prioritized over the interests of shareholders. Everything would disappear without theconsumers.”

The Scaffolding of Organization

Technology is another important factor for Secoo to achieve revolutionary changes. Li Rixue stated: “In order to achieve explosive growth in 2019, Secoo has to comprehensively accomplish three upgrades: technology, supply chain and organization.”

In order to ensure the rapid, agile and efficient growth of the business, Secoo has put forward a new technology structure of “Small Front Desk + Large Middle Desk + Digitalization” in the technology upgrade.

  1. Small Front Desk: It combines the industry trends and rapid responses to provide user interaction processes and fission tools for the Group’s business, brands, market and category groups; it optimizes and concatenates the existing APP, web, physical stores, and user experiences of third parties, such as WeChat, and develops new contact points of users, improving the user ARPU value, fostering the content, platform and globalization.
  2. Large Middle Desk: It is a sharing service center and a platform system integrating resources and capacities, providing technology, data and capacity support for the “Front Desk”.
  3. Digitalization: It promotes the overall technology upgrades and reformation of the group, carries out quality control on key steps, strengthens the usage of large data on Secoo businesses and landing scenarios while realizing the systemization and standardization, strengthens the engineering techniques of core algorithms, provides intelligent strategies for the operation of Secoo, and promotes the application of new technologies such as AI, AR, and blockchain in the businesses.

As Li Rixue said, for Secoo to achieve a scaffolding structure of organization, a single person is a special soldier, a few peopleconstitute a commando team, and multiple commando teams form an independent group, not only possessing the outstanding fighting capacity of an individual soldier but also having the advantages of working as a group. That is Secoo’s organization.

In 2018, Secoo further expanded the network of global supply chain and suppliers by building the systems of SaaS, PaaS and IaaS. In 2019, Secoo will continuously upgrade the supply chain, unlock premium products from the world and improve the company size.

Three comprehensive upgrades will stimulate dramatic changes for Secoo, helping the company reach a new status in 2019

Smart Tiny Social Network and Giant E-Commerce Platform

The passing of the Internet dividend is like a warning signal sent to a number of e-commerce businesses. The new user-centered trend of business development is rapidly reshaping traditional e-commerce. How to integrate channels and build an e-commerce ecosystem based on users’ mind and exactly meet the pain points of consumption are new issues that need to be discussed urgently.

As far as the current situation is concerned, the social platforms such as WeChat have controlled huge user communities and traffic portals. After undergoing a phased “barbaric growth“, social platforms, which require an urgent “fine development”, break the original barriers to realize better users flow and platform transformation.

This is an era of willingness to pay for services, an era that value directly links with users, an era for Secoo. Li Rixue stated: “In 2019, opportunities are in front of us, and we never lack courage.” In the New Year, Secoo will focus on the strategy of “Smart Tiny Social Network and Giant E-Commerce Platform“, reach an ultimate status with rapid responses, efficient operation, precise access, and reshape the confidence and expectation of users to “social e-commerce” by integrating resources with full power, reaching the customers via all channels of e-commerce.

2019 is a crucial year for Secoo, which is not only the 11th year since its establishment, but also the key year for its second 10-year plan. Secoo will continue to adhere to the user-centered principle, with one hand seizing the brand andthe other hand seizing services, accomplish the comprehensive upgrades of technology, organization and supply chain, and adhere tothe operation strategy, welcoming the era of Secoo with premium lifestyle and e-commerce platform.

SOURCE Secoo Group