MoneyToken Is Launching Its Own Exchange – in Collaboration With Huobi Cloud


MoneyToken, one of the leading global crypto-lending platforms offering crypto assets-backed loans, has announced the launch of their new MoneyToken Exchange platform in a collaboration with Huobi Cloud.

This gives MoneyToken the ability to leverage Huobi’s technical expertise and security know-how, plus gives users access to the liquidity that Huobi Cloud has to offer.

The Exchange has been launched at 1:00 PM UTC today, and the team has also announced that a lottery with a 200 ETH prize fund is in the pipeline, as a way to engage and thank all of MoneyToken supporters.

MoneyToken is one of 2018-19s top ventures, with a thriving community of more than 50,000 active users and a number of well-known advisors and supporters such as Roger Ver.

With the launch of their Exchange, MoneyToken is starting to fulfill the dream of their founders and developers, creating a financial ecosystem that revolutionizes the finance industry and opens the door to new opportunities for their customers.

MoneyToken’s current user base will be crossing over to join the Huobi Cloud ecosystem while getting unique access to one of the biggest liquidity pools in the world. If we were to make a prediction, then in our opinion this will dramatically accelerate MoneyToken’s growth potential.

MoneyToken users can expect all kinds of new opportunities from the partnership between Huobi Cloud and MoneyToken – right away:

  • Lending platform users will have the unique ability to trade their collateral, not only gaining access to liquidity through the loan process, but also getting the chance to work their crypto-assets and gain potential growth.
  • MoneyToken will be able to liquidate collateral much quicker, accelerating a service already known for its speed of operation.
  • More features, like derivatives contracts, margin trading, OTC, withdrawal to fiat and short selling will become available on the MoneyToken Exchange as it is rolled out to users.

With MoneyToken Lending platform combined with MoneyToken Exchange the opportunities are endless. By sharing one order book with Huobi Cloud, MoneyToken ensures sustainable volume to make smoothly processing unlimited orders possible.

It seems that initiatives like MoneyToken and Huobi Global are leading the way to a bright future for cryptocurrency. Why not join them on the journey? To participate in the MoneyToken Exchange beta test, go to and find out what the future looks like…

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