Attracts Global Projects Using New IEO Program, Secures As the First


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Nazadax Exchange’s value proposition as a cryptocurrency trading platform has managed to secure to be the first project for their new IEO program. This is part of Nazadax’s plan to go global utilizing IEOs as one strategy to attract projects with good potential onto their platform.

“IEOs” are now the hottest movement of the cryptocurrency fundraising landscape. Crowdfunding campaigns are spreading very fast and Asian exchanges are leading the way based on both popularity and success. Nazadax is a leading cryptocurrency trading platform that uses the revolutionary blockchain technology to provide global traders with advanced financial services. Based in China, the crypto exchange has expanded its reach to multiple countries across the globe, by offering benchmark services and smooth trading experiences. The team is committed to serving a diverse customer base from across around the world by introducing them to innovative projects with all the support they need to enter the cryptocurrency market whilst providing the infrastructure to create the confidence and ability to trade currencies.

The digital currency revolution, especially after the sudden rise of Bitcoin’s value in 2018, has provided several opportunities for businesses to thrive. This has resulted in millions of people finally showing an interest in cryptocurrency which in turn, has necessitated the creation of large numbers of exchanges, to allow all the crypto enthusiasts to trade. While there are hundreds of cryptocurrency exchanges currently, not all of them offer best in class services. In many cases, the exchanges charge high commission and fees from the traders and in some cases, the user interface is not very friendly. These along with many other factors should be considered before choosing an exchange for crypto trading; especially the need for a user-friendly interface, low transaction fees, customer support, scalability and security on the platform. stands high on all these benchmarks. It offers a robust security system with multiple layers to protect the user’s data and assets. It is also establishing localized transaction service centers in many countries to provide multiple services. The platform is backed by friendly and professional customer support. With the above established, the team has started to look at getting foreign projects to list on the platform. After meeting many prospective companies, came in as first choice and will be the initial project to launch their IEO program.

“Nazadax is a good partner fit” said Andrew Faridani, CMO of “It is our honour to be the initial IEO project for Nazadax. We have been invited by many exchanges over the past month to do a second IEO and we have rejected all of them. Nazadax’s sincerity changed our mind and was the major factor in us deciding to choose them. They have proved to us that they have a good referral model in place that can bring in more users to our project and with their strong customer support and robust back end system, it is a no brainer for us to choose them. We also hope to bring our technology and business concept into China through this IEO to let more people know about us, after all China is one of the largest gaming heavens in the world. Currently, we are also talking to a few China based gaming communities and companies. Lots of exciting things will be announced soon.”

In an official announcement made by Nazadax. The spokesperson commented “ has a proven track record by completing their first IEO in South Korea. Their reputation in the European gaming circle is also good and strong according to our due diligence team. They also have lined up multiple MOUs and partnerships around the world. We are confident that will do well on our platform. It is also our honour to have on our platform and we hope to grow with and also at the same time reach out to more global projects to list on our exchange based in China.”

Nazdax’s route to attracting global projects is not easy. The team have worked hard to bring in a volume of around $580M over the last 24 hours, based on Coincodex. CoinCodex gathers data from more than 200 exchanges to bring real-time prices and historical charts for over 5,000 coins. The Nazadax exchange, in terms of volume, is also ranked top 30 (

For more information about Nazadax and their IEO platform, go to

About Nazadax (
Nazadax uses revolutionary blockchain technology to provide global traders with advanced financial services. Based in China, the crypto exchange has expanded its reach to multiple countries across the globe, by offering benchmark services and smooth trading experiences.

About Gaimin (’s platform is also based on AI-driven software that aggregates a gamer’s processing power, when not being used and, therefore, without affecting their gaming performance, to the monetization network.


  1. There is certainly a lot to learn about this IEO. I really feel that is a good project They operated and fair well in their first IEO at Borabit. Although I have not heard of, it should still be a good choice to keep going during the bear market.

  2. is new and upcoming. They have a strong community in China and Thailand. Gaimin picked a fabulous exchange for their IEO!

  3. Starting IEO at this mature state is a good move. More users understand the risks behind these fund raises. Due diligence progresses are more efficient.

  4. We take note of Gaimin project on Kakao group.
    They have done well in the Korea market with the recent collaboration with esports association.

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