New York Entrepreneur and Researcher Jacob Newman Talks About the Future of American Politics

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Jacob Newman

Renowned investor, futurist and philanthropist

New York, NY, July 11, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — It’s no secret we are living through tumultuous political times in our country right now, as historians argue we are more divided than ever before when it comes to reconciling political differences. The left and the right have moved so far into their respective corners that it can seem impossible to barter for any kind of change or constructive ideals today. 

Luckily, there’s a movement of individuals seeking higher office, hoping to break the chain, say goodbye to career politicians, and place the power back into the hands of the people – how the Founding Fathers actually intended it to be. At the front of this pack is Jacob Newman, CEO of Kingmaker Productions, a financial education company aimed at helping the everyday individual learn how to invest while encouraging them to remain politically and financially aware of their surroundings. No stranger to breaking the mold and thinking outside the box, Newman was one of the foremost purveyors of cryptocurrency on social media – using it to tout his political platform that includes advocating for the U.S. to absolve itself of the current international banking system and debt crisis. 

To Newman, people should settle for no less than a government run by the people, FOR the people.

How to Move Forward

Newman is part of the growing class of populists, desiring to be a direct channel to the actual people of America who have been locked out of political discussions and laws as lobbyists, career politicians, and pay-to-play companies run the country. Demonstrating he has a heart and mind for all people, aiming for equal wealth distribution and representation for all, here are some of Newman’s founding political pillars in his campaign:

  1. Creation of a New Political Party: Newman echoes the sentiments of so many frustrated Americans who feel they are not represented by the Democrat or Republican parties. The RNC and DNC have shut out alternative viewpoints and made it impossible for lesser known parties to gain traction in the political arena by instituting a myriad of policies designed to keep them in power, unbeknownst to the American people. Newman proposes creating a new political party with fresh ideals and candidates that run on merit and their own principles instead of the pocketbooks of Super PACS.

  1. Elimination of Career Politicians: The Founding Fathers never intended for senators and congressmen and women to serve for their entire lives. If they could go back in time, they would have placed term limits on those public offices to ensure they could not make a career (and a fortune) off of the American people. Career politicians have corrupted the government and not only allowed for corporate pandering, but also political and international meddling. For Newman, term limits need to be administered immediately.

  1. Direct Line of Communication with the American People: So many people today feel like they have absolutely no say in the laws and regulations that are being passed in our country. There needs to be a clear line of communication to the American people, whether that be through a specialized TV network or an internet based platform. Either way we need to hear the words of our leaders through their own voice and unencumbered by a monetized news system that only wants to deal in headlines and create controversy. People need to hear straightforward answers to their questions and have some level of transparency as to what is happening around the world and in their communities. The current system of cut ups, fake news, and headline baiting from both sides has left people in a state of panic with little actual information. The American people shouldn’t have to question if what they see on their nightly news is factual or designed to elicit a response.

  1. Absolve the Country of the Current International Banking System: As Newman says, if most Americans were actually aware of how things really worked behind the scenes and when it came to international banking, there would be a massive upheaval. He argues we need to either default on our ever increasing debt to the Fed and begin to print and regulate our own currency, or we need to deconstruct the Fed completely and allow other nations to follow suit. Although it may seem radical, it would provide our country with the ability to control the flow and inflation/deflation of the USD. With this control, we’d be able to actually afford a healthcare system, pump money into inner cities where education is failing, and bridge the gap between the lower, middle and upper classes. Most are unaware but United States citizens are currently taxed at the highest rate of any country in the world, it represents a stark contrast to the principals the nation was founded on and how we operated for most of our history. Prior to 1913 the United States had no federal income tax, control over it’s own currency would allow the country a chance to get back to its roots and eliminate the current heavy tax system and allow its citizens to keep every dollar they earn instead of handing it over to a government that is already insurmountably tens of trillions of dollars in debt.

  1. Removal of Underperforming Politicians and a System of Accountability: To Newman,  our government seems to be filled with aging, out of touch politicians that have zero track record of following up on the promises they made to their communities in order to get elected. They have failed to fulfill the promises of their role and are not fit to represent people in American government. We should demand more from our politicians and expect them to actually defend the hard working people in our country. Our citizens deserve a direct line of communication and a system where we are duly informed of the everyday dealings, votes and progress our politicians have made once elected. The American people need to be presented the facts on exactly what their elected officials are or aren’t doing so they can make educated decisions on who should or shouldn’t be in office.

Newman is a new kind of political candidate, one with a unique perspective and hands-on insight that makes him a truly sincere leader. He isn’t a politician, a lobbyist, or a fast talker; rather, he’s an entrepreneur, an investor, researcher, and a natural born man of the people. He plans to continue serving his community as an educator and an influencer, while he works to mobilize more populist masses that are tired of how things are being done today. To be American means to challenge the status quo – that’s exactly what Newman is doing. He believes the best way forward for America is to protect it’s constitutional rights, adhere to its conservative principles and adopt reasonable liberal policies and ideals that can help unite our country while simultaneously moving us forward and preserving our history.

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