News Channel Nebraska: Pre-IEO AMA Session: In depth discussion online with global supporter

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Loading founding members greeted their supporters from all over the world on Telegram on 2nd September 2019. In-depth discussions were made with over 300 members online on the roadmap and future of Gaimin.

The communities leaders are supporters of Each leader has a supporter base of more than 200 members in their group. During this AMA session, there are more than 50 communities leaders online and representing more than 7,000 Gaimin fans worldwide. Many questions were being asked during the session.

What is Gaimin roadmap?

– For the rest of 2019, Gaimin will be on a roadshow to promote the project and establish strategic partnerships within the gaming industry.

The Beta version will also be a key focus for Gaimin software.

Gaimin will be fully ready for MVP in Q1 2020 and the beginning of an aggressive promotion phase.

What are your plans for Korea and Asia market

The importance of these markets is obvious. In both gaming and blockchain, they are the world leader, so Gaimin will give these markets the respect they warrant.

Can you share with us about the First IEO At

The IEO link at Borabit will be live on 7th September 2019, 12.00pm KST. There will be 2,000,000 GRMX token on sale at US$0.03.

What is the progress of the Gaimin software and platform

Gaimin proved the concept with an Alpha version, which anyone can read about in their Whitepaper, and now Gaimin is working towards the Beta version. The plan is for MVP and a public launch of the software in Q1 2020

Do you have plans moving your business into Asia

Gaimin has plans to have a permanent presence in Asia. Asia is the world leader in gaming and blockchain. It’s vibrant, exciting, innovative and Gaimin can’t wait to establish their presence fully there, with the help of key Asian market leaders.

The supporters were particularly excited when they know that CEO, Martin Speight is in Korea and corresponding to them live and giving them the latest updates.

“South Korea market is our key. This is my first time in Korea, I am being invited to speak at the Korea Blockchain Festival and World Smart City Expo. This is also the first time for me to meet our supporters face to face in Korea. I like the passion and the enthusiasm of our Korean counterparts and supporters. Let’s do more together in this wonderful market! Let’s make this IEO a success for all of us!” Martin Speight, CEO of shared.

For more information on the IEO, please visit or to find out more.

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