News on 9: positioned to capitalize as the blockchain offers solutions to gaming industry problems

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Loading has future plans that include full blockchain ownership of in-game assets. Providing gamers with this kind of platform will allow them to use virtual items cross platform, in and out of games, which will increase their monetary value.  A full peer-to-peer marketplace where gamers can buy, sell and rent gaming purchases between themselves, creating a platform that will allow a gamer to sell the items for fiat or even crypto will also increase the economic value.  “This healthy marketplace will increase not only the economic value but also the social value,” stated Calvin Adamus, the originator of the concept. “Our community will be the most important aspect of everything that we will be doing. Genuinely creating a win-win for everybody concerned, whether it’s a blockchain company that requires nodes, or a film studio needing rendering services or an interior design company requiring walk through renders, the gamers will be rewarded for providing the processing power.”

EOS public blockchain was chosen in order to offer increased user account security.  For full functionality such as for the market and mining application, integration of different elements of Gaiminio’s system with “smart contracts”, use of the RPC API and Wallet RPC API. These API calls will be signed, ensuring the same level of security as SSH.  In the future,’s target is to be able to launch its own EOS node to make calls between the blockchain and’s server more secure. will use “SMART CONTRACT AUDITS” like “QuillAudits” to find security flaws and errors while avoiding bugs within the contracts. Features such as a “kill-switch” will enhance security further creating the possibility of turning off a contract should something go wrong.’s many solutions will positively impact gamers and the gaming ecosystem as the two worlds of gaming and blockchain converge. Andrew Faridani, the Chief Marketing Officer, was proud to claim that “With every gamer will be at the forefront of progress as cross-platform assets develop and gaming companies integrate their use of the blockchain.“

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