NFT Community NSUC Collaborates with NSTREAM, a Web 3.0 Hyper-connected Life Project

NFT Community NSUC Collaborates with NSTREAM, a Web 3.0 Hyper-connected Life Project


Mad Skull Universe Club (MSUC), an NFT platform that aims for branding, collaboration, and a hip-hop community through digital pop art, announced on September 26th that it would enter into a partnership with NSTREAM, a hyper-connected life-oriented web 3.0 project.

NSTREAM aspires to create a hyper-connected life by suggesting a direction through Web 3.0 technology to address the chaos of human emotions, values, and identities in the fast-paced digital socialization process.

The hybrid wallet system, which will be commercialized soon by NSTREAM, and the mainNet with a 3-tier interchain structure will be the starting point for presenting the company’s future vision.

Through NSTREAM’s wallet system, MSUC NFT transfer will be as easy and convenient as KakaoTalk’s message transfer. As a result, the company expects the MSUC NFT community service will expand more rapidly.

Meanwhile, MSUC is presenting a showcase through OpenSea, the world’s largest NFT marketplace, selling about 1,000 of its 10,000 pieces of artwork on exhibit as Drop#1.

MSUC is a digital pop art NFT with a unique character implemented on Ethereum. It is applied to NFT artworks and community activities and primarily takes American HipHop culture as a cultural code.

The two companies will collaborate by connecting NSTREAM’s Web 3.0-based hyper-connection tools and MSUC’s NFTs to spread Korea’s NFT-based excellent content and culture on the global stage.

Lim Jae-keon, the founder of NFTNara makes a speech at the “NFT Meta Busan 2002.”

Lim Jae-keon, the founder of NFTNara makes a presentation on MSUC at the 4th Digital Asset Forum and 3rd Ggabi Club Nite.

Meanwhile, MSUC was well-received by the audience when it was unveiled at the 16th World Blockchain Summit “NFT Meta Busan 2022,” held in Busan on the 25th of last month, the 4th Digital Asset Forum, and the 3rd Kaebi Club Nite on the 30th.

The platform emphasized that ‘MSUC NFT’ can be applied to various business endeavours. In particular, after ‘Skull’ was unveiled for the first time at the NFT Meta Busan 2022 event, and MSUC NFT cases applicable to musical projects, fast food franchise businesses, and sports brands were presented, there was unprecedented enthusiasm and applause among the attendees.

Lim Jae-keon, the founder of NFTNara, said,

“I think MSUC is the pop art of this era. Artworks should be beautiful if they cost the same. You shouldn’t think of NFT as mere digital images. They are artworks you can actually use. They have unlimited uses.”