Ontology’s Global University Workshop: 20,000 Reasons to Attend


As a leader in the field of blockchain, Ontology understands the responsibility to foster the future of blockchain. Either infrastructure or education, Ontology wants to be instrumental in the growth of the industry. On October 19th, the Ontology team began its much-awaited Global University Workshop tour, the biggest of its kind. With the first stop at Seoul National University,the tour will continue, visiting 81 top universities around the world, such as in the U.S.A., Russia, Europe and Japan.

With its high-performance public blockchain project and distributed collaboration platform, Ontology’s blockchain framework supports public blockchain systems and enables customization of public blockchains for applications. As a non-profit activity, it is important for those interested in application development to understand a variety of topics.

To summarize, Ontology’s Global University Workshops will help you:

  1. Start your genesis block
  2. Get ready with Ontology, learning about blockchain development from its top experts, such as Senior Architecture Experts, Ning Hu and Edmond Cong
  3. Connect with global developers and have the opportunity to form your own team

Join today and let’s change the world together.

In addition to all of the valuable knowledge and experience developers gaining throughout the Global Workshop, Ontology is holding the Klein Bottle Challenge with more than $20,000 in rewards available to each university. Whoever a new user to blockchain or an experienced developer, this project will help to bring ideas to life on Ontology platform.

The rewards include Nova, Comet and Satellite rewards, providing $20,000 worth of ONG. In order to receive rewards, submitted projects must:

  • have at least one team member that attended the Global University Workshop
  • qualify to go live on Ontology MainNet
  • gain a following of consistently active users

The workshop consists of both offline and online components. The offline part includes topics, such as Final Web, Blockchain and its Business Application, An Overview of Ontology, Migrate to Ontology: Multi-VM for Smart Contracts, and Develop on Blockchain: ONT ID + DDXF few core parts. For the online aspect, visit Ontology’sMedium page to find all the detailed developer documents.

If you are a developer or someone interested in hosting a workshop, please feel free to contact: contact@ont.io.

SOURCE Ontology