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  • Blockchain Technology
  • U.S. Drone Market
  • Optimism for Artificial Intelligence
  • Nike Adventure Club and the Beauty of the Retail Subscription Model
  • Wealth Transfer Advisor



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  • Blog Profiles: Veterinarian Blogs



Blockchain Technology
Kira Noodleman
Bee Partners
“If a given business or industry involves audit trails or data tracking, and there’s a chance that some participants in those processes may want to manipulate the data, then in theory blockchain technology would add value by providing immutable and cryptographically secure audit trails and data records. These opportunities range from blue ocean businesses to an existential threat across legacy businesses, marketplaces, and even venture capital. There will be winners and losers, but those who get in early potentially have the most to gain. Perhaps in several decades, digital currency will even replace traditional fiat altogether.”
Kira is a venture capitalist with Bee Partners, a San Francisco-based VC firm with a portfolio of 50+ tech startups and a current $43M fund. One of Kira’s top areas of expertise is blockchain.
Contact: Elea Carey,

U.S. Drone Market
Garrett Goldberg
Bee Partners
“What may be misunderstood is that the direct U.S. drone market isn’t large by relative comparison. Business Insider estimates the 2016 and 2017 U.S. markets to be $2.6B and $3.5B, respectively, much of which are hobbyist drones, akin to toys. Further, growth over the next 10 years is only projected at 120 percent total, a rate not overly compelling on an annualized basis, particularly to venture investors. As a result, here at Bee Partners we always consider broader business opportunity where drones and their technology drive change within large organizations, and we aim to observe the drone sector though a wider lens. We ask about the specific problem the company is solving, who is going to pay for it, and why it is the most effective solution.”
Garrett is a partner at Bee Partners, a San Francisco-based venture capital fund which has invested in over 50 tech startups and just closed a $43M fund. Garrett’s primary areas of expertise is how to wisely invest in drone-related technologies. One investment Garrett guided has been in Iris Automation, which just passed the first-ever beyond-visual-line-of-sight test to fly drones.
Contact: Elea Carey,

Optimism for Artificial Intelligence
Tim Smith
Bee Partners
“Machine ‘intelligence’ triggers a binary response: fear of a dystopian future on the one hand, or general optimism on the other. After intense internal debate, we have come down firmly on the side of pragmatic optimism. And we have done so largely as a result of recognizing that we—precisely as early-stage investors—have not just a role, but a responsibility to help steer the trajectory of technology in a positive direction.”
Tim is a partner with Bee Partners, a San Francisco-based venture capital firm with a current fund of $43M and investments in over 50 tech startups. Tim is an eight-time successful founder himself and leads portfolio operations for Bee. A brilliant technologist himself, one of Tim’s areas of expertise is the future of technology.
Contact: Elea Carey,

Nike Adventure Club and the Beauty of the Retail Subscription Model
P.K. Kannan
Dean’s Chair in Marketing Science, Robert H. Smith School of Business
University of Maryland
“It’s a business plan that delights investors and investor analysts for the steady stream of revenue it connotes. Along the way, the customer and that brand are creating a relationship. And because of the subscription, the investors and investor analysts are very happy. They can easily see what your cash flow will be going forward, based on your number of customers. And they can easily do the valuation of your company. That’s why more and more upstart, disruptor brands are hammering a subscription model into their business plans.”
With its new kids’ sneaker subscription service, Nike Adventure Club, Nike has unleashed a subscription model that has been effectively employed by many direct-to-consumer brands. Harry’s and Dollar Shave Club are examples, as are the Blue Apron meal kit service, the BirchBox beauty products service, the BarkBox dog supplies service and the Stitch Fix clothing style service.
Kannan teaches and researches marketing modeling, digital marketing, customer relationship management. He’s also the editor-in-chief of the International Journal of Research in Marketing.
Expert Contact:
PR Contact: Greg

Creating Ethical Wills
Michael Cyrs
Wealth Transfer Advisor
Savant Capital Management
“An ethical will provides family members the opportunity to pass along their values and beliefs to the next generation. It is a heartfelt expression of what truly matters most.” As you consider your true legacy, ponder an ethical will designed to supplement and accompany your traditional estate planning documents. Ethical wills are letters you write to your family or heirs. These letters often include advice on life lessons, family heritage, words of encouragement, or expressions of gratitude and faith. In some cases, last-minute communications of forgiveness and understanding might be included. Such letters or preambles are most often kept confidential and revealed only when the estate plan is administered or read to family by the estate executor.
As we traverse “What Will Your Legacy Be” month in August, Michael can share how your audience can use this as an opportunity to think about more than their tangible legacies. Reflect on – and make note of – the core values, guiding principles, accomplishments and achievements for which they want to be remembered.
Contact: Rebecca Epperson,



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