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On 28th December, Chinese government officially released the “Implementation Plan for the Construction of an International Tourism Consumption Center in Hainan Province”. In this implementation plan, it clearly defines the comprehensive development of horse racing industry in Hainan province.

Blockchain has evolved very quickly in the gaming industry. RacingLand, a Blockchain company who is developing a multi-functional horse racing platform, is following closely to the development of the horse racing industry in Hainan and is ready to make their contribution to help the industry by using technology. They also believe China will help boast the industry in the very near future.

“China has a history of 5,000 years of horse breeding and is an important source of horse culture in the world and the second largest horse raising country. China’s horse industry is in rapid development. With the support from government, this will effectively expedite the fundamental transformation of the Chinese horse industry.” Said Eric Lau, Committee Member of RacingLand, who currently serves as the member of the Committee of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference, arbitrator of Arbitration Commission and founder committee member & Financial Controller of Hong Kong Chamber of Commerce in China, Harbin Office.

The horse racing has a complete industrial chain, which can produce a series of derivative industries to stimulate economic development. The development space, and the development of horse racing activities will also drive the development of many related industries such as transportation, advertising media, hotels, restaurants, telecommunications, and tourism. Since the gambling-style horse racing has been banned in mainland China, there are legal obstacles to the horse racing.

“Horse racing is no more a noble sport,” Eric added, “China needs more people to pay attention to this development. This is a huge market and RacingLand has it all in place for the industry. We can help to promote the industry to get more people to understand the horses racing. And with the integration of blockchain technology, we also want more people to own horses in a simpler manner with the implementation of tokens.”

As introduced, RacingLand is developing its own horse crowdfunding platform called RacingOwner, where people can own a horse by purchasing the share using Racing Token. Horse shareholders can also enjoy the benefits of sharing the bonuses of a race, tournament, as well as the appreciation of the horse. Together with RacingGame, RacingExchange, RacingMedia and RacingShop,RacingLand is committed to build a comprehensive horse racing platform.

About RacingLand:
RacingLand is a horse racing business based on the blockchain and cryptocurrency platform EOS.io. At RacingLand, it creates the world’s first most transparent and open platform which provides services such as Horse Racing Media, Racing Ownership, Horse Exchange and Racing Game. This blockchain-based horse racing platform is committed to make its horse lovers feel more at ease and engaged when using the platform and would also get the chance and experience to own their very own stallions and gain much joy during their period of ownership.

For media enquiry or business partnership, please contact RacingLand team at pr@racingland.com.