RACINGLAND Gains Strategic Investment from REDBUD Capital to Jointly Promote the Development of Horse Industry

racingland investment blockcastcc
racingland investment blockcastcc


RACINGLAND is further accelerating its development in horse industry using blockchain technology with a new partnership and strategic investment from REDBUD Capital (Hong Kong) Co., Ltd. This is a significant milestone for RACINGLAND since the launch of its financing program in March this year.

According to the strategic cooperation agreement, REDBUD Capital will provide comprehensive support for RACINGLAND in capital investment and industry resource integration. REDBUD Capital is a professional investment management company that operates the VC Fund of Funds. Since its rebrand from Tsinghua Holdings Investment Department in 2012, REDBUD Capital became the investment, management and operation platform of the REDBUD Venture Capital Fund, which is mainly based on Tsinghua Holdings’ parent fund. It has solid experience in parent fund investment management and abundant industry resources. At present, it has invested in more than 3,000 projects, and is increasing by hundreds each year. It won the “Best Fund in China” award in 2016.

When talking about the strategic investment to RACINGLAND, Mr. Cao Yuehui, Chairman of REDBUD Capital (Hong Kong) Co., Ltd. said that horse racing is a traditional and noble sport, but there are not many ways for people to understand and engage. RACINGLAND uses cutting-edge technology such as blockchain to make more people participate in it, which is a far-reaching thing for the horse racing industry. The industrial chain behind the horse racing is very huge. This is anindustry with great growth potential that no investment company will let go. He said, “RACINGLAND is different from most of the start-up projects. Apart from the perfect business model, I value the industry resources and business partners that they have laid in the early stage. A project with clear development direction and market positioning is worthy to join and make it move faster and farther.”

“The strategic investment of REDBUD Capital is of great significance to RACINGLAND. Both parties have rich commercial resources in their respective fields. This strong alliance will provide strong support to the development of RACINGLAND in the China market.” Mr. Brian Tse, founder of RACINGLAND said, “Horse racing is a huge industry involving multiple aspects, including but not limited to racing, breeding, vetting, auction and etc. And it also has a high threshold. With the support of blockchain technology, RACINGLAND is the transforming the industry to allow more people to understand horse racing, engage in horse racing, and even have their own horse.”

Regarding the prospects of the horse racing industry in mainland China, Brian said that horse racing is a competitive industry with strong cultural and commercial attributes. With the Chinese government officially announcement on Hainan’s horse racing policy in December last year, China is bound to become a new star globally, in which RACINGLAND will play its own value and promote the development of the industry with its advanced industry experience and global resources.



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