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With digital tokens now becoming a hot cake in the financial market, an ardent need to lower the entry level of opening new cryptocurrency exchange is required. Armed with prior industry experience, Ripa Exchange, across decentralized exchange platform empowered by the ARK Blockchain technology has made a burgeoning entry in the market. The blockchain based platform is here to offer crypto enthusiasts a more secure and safe trading platform for daily transactions. With the advent of technology, the virtual currency market has as well made a mark in the mainstream of global economy, but it is still expensive to open, manage, and instill trust in the minds of the traders about a newly launched exchange platform. The belief is imperative not only for the smooth running of resources on a reliable exchange platform but as well to develop the platform internally. Moreover, it is necessary to determine the liquidity to run a profitable business in the long run.

The increasing rates of cybercrimes and unreliable exchange platforms have perplexed the cryptocurrency users. Besides, there is a soaring price of euro 250-300 thousand as an entry fee to these platforms. Even after paying such a hefty amount, exchanges managers are unable to provide a reliable, stable, and easy to use exchange platform to the users.

It is precisely where Ripa Exchange offers a decentralized ARK empowered blockchain based exchange platform which provides, efficient, open source, reliable exchange platform and as well provides the needed liquidity to the newly created exchange platform from day one. It helps the new exchange platform leverage their focus on finding crypto enthusiasts who will give platinum support and as well as comply with the different laws of the payment’s industry. Ripa Exchange aims at enhancing the user experience of using a crypto exchange platform while making trading more secure.

The blockchain based Ripa Exchange is a crypto asset marketplace that abides by the industry regulations and standards while its principles rest on three pillars—open source, secure, and efficient. This exchange platform aims to provide a reliable crypto trading platform for crypto users. Ripa Exchange seeks to attain this objective by making the platform more secure, safe, reliable, UI responsive, customizable, and easy to use based on open source and public trust. It is seen that several cutting edge technology and Rails framework have leveraged Ripa exchange to migrate to a hybrid decentralized exchange platform, wherein transfers on the Ripa network will share the needed liquidity.

With the intervention of technology Ripa exchange, therefore, envisions building an opensource crypto asset marketplace that will ensure safety and will operate on the high-performance trading engine. It will make the blockchain based exchange platform more trusted amongst the crypto users. Besides, such an aid to the digital currency market will pave the way to incorporate new features on the upcoming exchange platforms. Ripa Exchange thus aims to provide a hassle-free way to the users for building their crypto exchange platform across the globe.

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