TCapital Launches Staking Services For TRX; Provides a Low-Investment Passive Earning opportunity For Crypto Traders


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VERO BEACH, Florida, June 24, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Cryptocurrency investment is often looked at as a passive earning opportunity. While it is undoubtedly a profitable prospect, amateurs and even professionals encounter massive roadblocks in terms of finding the ‘right’ platform to invest in.

The traditional ‘Proof of Work’ blockchain consensus required participants to mine using heavy mining gear, which consumed a lot of power. Hence, the investment to earn a reasonable return is often overwhelming. 

However, the Proof of Stake consensus protocol does not require participants to traditionally mine cryptocurrencies to earn rewards. It introduces a method known as ‘Staking’ which is an eco-friendly way of validation transactions and users only need to lock their crypto assets to earn rewards. TCapital, a platform by Tech Capital Holdings provides a foundation for crypto enthusiasts to earn passive income by crypto staking. 

TCapital Staking Services
Originally founded in 2018, under parent organization Tech Capital Holdings, TCapital is a staking platform that builds and manages nodes for decentralized Proof-Of-Stake(POS) protocols. It provides top-class staking services to enable investors to earn a stable passive income.   As compared to mining, staking is safer and does not require hefty initial investments. Moreover, it does not require expensive software and mining equipment. To help crypto enthusiasts utilize these benefits, TCapital allows them to earn a passive income through three simple steps: 

  • Crypto Staking: Stake your POS with TCapital and the coins will be minted to double through an institutional-grade infrastructure
  • Rewards: Each minted master node generates rewards, and these are equally distributed among the investors on a regular basis. 
  • Earn Commission: The platform has rolled out a brand new TCapital Affiliate program, through which you can earn additional rewards by helping expand the community.

What makes TCapital Better Than Other Staking Platforms? 
Staking can be technically complex to understand especially if you are new to the crypto investment space. Hence, you would want to stake your crypto on a platform that is simple to use and does not allow you to go through any technical hassle. In this aspect, TCapital staking services are way more user-friendly. Moreover, it’s services are powered by: 

  • Automatic minting process to constantly generate new coins
  • An easy account registration process
  • 24/7 Customer Support
  • A user-focussed affiliate program to earn added commissions. 
  • Regular and timely bonus distribution
  • Strong and efficient infrastructure

TCapital Adds Support for TRX Staking
The platform has recently launched staking facilities for TRX, which is one of the most promising cryptocurrencies. Users on the platform can invest anywhere between 15K TRX to 500K TRX, and earn a bonus of up to 100 Techshares. Moreover, users investing more than 500K TRX will stand a chance to win rewards worth upto 5000 Techshares on TCapital’s Staking Platform. 

Summing Up
All in all, TCapital is one of the most efficient and well-rewarding staking platforms out there in the crypto space. It provides traders with an opportunity to stake their coins on a trusted and transparent platform, in a low-investment and environment-friendly manner. 

TCapital’s user-focused staking service is also a great contribution towards triggering the mainstream adoption of cryptocurrencies.

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