Telos network partners with Transform Group for public relations


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Firm brings deep blockchain experience, has worked with hundreds of orgs, projects, and ICOs since 2013

Las Vegas, NV, April 16, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — (via Blockchain Wire) To improve public exposure for the Telos ecosystem, block producers on the Telos network have voted to partner with Transform Group, a global firm with unique public-relations expertise in the blockchain space.

Transform has represented more than 200 blockchain companies, organizations, and projects since 2013. Over that stretch, they have helped launch more than 100 initial coin offerings comprising over 37 percent of the global crypto market’s total capitalization, including Tether, Ethereum, and Dash.

In keeping with the ethos of the Telos network, the partnership was encouraged and catalyzed by block producers acting collectively. Marlon Williams, founder of Telos Miami, originally proposed the idea and spearheaded efforts to adopt a formal proposal submitted by Transform. The idea then quickly gained support from Malta Block, a major block producer in its own right, and other participants joined in to finalize the approval.

“I’ve known (Transform founder) Michael Terpin and his team for a long time and can say with confidence that they’re the number-one team for blockchain advisory and public relations in the world,” Williams said. “ We are extremely excited about what they have in store for Telos”
In the coming months, Transform plans to execute a campaign for Telos with the following goals:

  • Introduce Telos as a high-capacity blockchain network hosting more activity than nearly any other blockchain project in the world.
  • Explain Telos’s third-generation blockchain governance structure and its advantages over competing platforms.
  • Position Telos as the best platform for developers to build on, while promoting its new developments and features.
  • Generate visibility for Telos among a global audience of potential users, token holders, developers, and partners.

“Over the past few years, several cryptocurrency projects have gained an unfortunate reputation for talking the talk, but not walking the walk,” said Michael Terpin, Founder and CEO of Transform. “Telos has taken a different approach, focusing on developing solid technology, and quickly becoming one of the most active and highest-capacity blockchains in the world with little hype or fanfare. We’re eager to bring greater — and richly deserved — attention to this important work.”

For future updates about Telos, please follow the Telos Foundation here on Medium, on Telegram, Twitter, or LinkedIn.

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