TEMCO, First Supply-Chain Platform to Utilize the Bitcoin Network (RSK), Successfully Secures Funding from Nexus One


Seoul, 5th November – TEMCO the world’s first supply chain platform based on the Bitcoin Network (RSK), has received funding from leading crypto-accelerator “Nexus One”.

TEMCO is a decentralized supply chain platform that connects isolated supply chain data and offers business/consumer-side services. On the business side, TEMCO provides companies with the Business Intelligence tool (BI-tool), an analytics tool that helps companies efficiently access and gain insights from data on the blockchain. On the consumer-side, TEMCO is developing applications where consumers can transparently view the product distribution process starting from the manufacturer to the final retail location.

Nexus One’s CEO, Sungku Kim, reveals his investment strategy: “When you analyze recent investments, regardless of the contemporary financial climate, institutional funds who invest in valuable companies at an early stage, always come out with a profitable outcome. The Nexus One team is aware of the current bear market climate for the cryptocurrency space. However, we firmly believe in the inherit value of blockchain, which is why we will aggressively support great companies that have great potential, such as TEMCO. When you’re considering investing into a startup, one of the most important features of a company is the core team. The TEMCO team has shown time and time again in successfully executing their product vision with great speed. The massive potential of TEMCO’s business model is only why Nexus One determined full heartily do invest in the TEMCO team.”

Co-founder and CEO of TEMCO, Scott Yoon stated “One of the key advantages of working with Nexus One is its prominent position in the Chinese blockchain market. As China is one of the largest markets for blockchain, the TEMCO team is excited that Nexus One is supporting the team. Since early on this year, Nexus One has been supporting more than 15 blockchain projects, such as Insureum, Chromaway, Block Cloud, Multivac, ORBS, etc.”

Through connections with global blockchain companies in China, Hong Kong, and Korea, Nexus One invests in companies with great portfolios, supporting them with specialized knowledge on exchanges, media, and community development. Recently, Nexus One was introduced as a top-tier investment company in the “Korean Blockchain Market Report” by Block360, one of the leading blockchain media publications in China.