The 2019 Taiwan Innotech Expo Highlights “Sustainable agriculture”, Green Energy Technology, and “Resource Circulation & Regeneration”


The Sustainability Pavilion at 2019 Taiwan Innotech Expo, supported by the Council of Agriculture, Environmental Protection Administration (EPA), Bureau of Energy, Industrial Development Bureau, Atomic Energy Council, and the State-Owned Enterprise Commission and executed by Industrial Technology Research Institute (ITRI),will showcase the latest technologies in the sections of Sustainable agriculture, Green Energy Technology, and Resource Circulation and Regeneration. Besides Taiwan’s innovation in agri-tech, green energy transition, and circular materials, ten international industrial research institutes including ECN part of TNO, TÜV Rheinland and BASF will also demonstrate relevant technologies.

In order to accelerate agricultural development in Taiwan, the government has introduced the 5+2 Industrial Innovation Plan to establish a new agri-tech model, integrating technology into agricultural applications. The Sustainable Agriculture Section at TIE 2019 will display the Multiple Recycling and Repurposing of Materials for Mushroom Cultivation technology. Surplus materials used for growing mushrooms are recycled and reused, turning the waste growing media into biological organic fertilizer for fruits and vegetables, or bacteriostatic bedding for livestock, which reduces bacterial growth and odor and accelerates dung decomposition. This low-cost technology can solve the environmental pollution caused by surplus materials of large-scale agricultural productions, thereby achieving circular economy.

Green Energy Technology

In the Green Energy Technology Section, the Industrial Technology Research Institute (ITRI) will showcase its dye-sensitized battery, which features low power threshold, flexibility, light weight, low cost, and technical independence. Even in indoor settings with a low illuminance of around 200 lumens, the dye-sensitized battery can still generate electricity. At present, ITRI is working with Formosa Plastics Group on building a small-scale trial production line for the new dye-sensitized batteries with an annual yield of 120,000 pieces at the Shalun Smart Green Energy Science City. They are also planning a commercial production line for Formosa Plastics Renwu Plant in Kaohsiung.

Resource Circulation & Regeneration

The Sustainability Pavilion will also present the Resource Circulation & Regeneration Section and highlight circular economy for the first time, exhibiting Taiwan’s R&D capacity in green processes, resource recovery and innovative eco-friendly materials. One of the exhibit highlights is the Resource Recycling Indicators and Analysis System, a national material flow database that the EPA has built specifically for Taiwan. It is the first system in the world to incorporate the input-output tables into the material flow database for decision analysis. Moreover, the Ministry of Economic Affairs will build a new Circular Materials Validation and Matching Platform upon the System, integrating AI, IoT and blockchain technologies to match various materials for recycling, supervise and verify the recycling process, and enable information transparency.

International Institutions Join to Co-create a Sustainable Future

International institutions such as ECN part of TNO, SEPPIC, TÜV Rheinland, and BASF will exhibit in the Sustainability Pavilion for their R&D achievements in chemicals, energy, agriculture, and flora and fauna. Through global interactions, Taiwan is able to team up with international partners from  Southeast Asia, Europe, United States, and Japan to strengthen its own industrial competitive advantages, resolve social development issues, and achieve environmental sustainability.

SOURCE Industrial Technology Research Institute (ITRI)