The Launching of WDX, another GameStop Saga in the Crypto Arena


WeDream Exchange

WeDream Exchange

WeDream Exchange

KUALA LUMPUR, Malaysia, Feb. 26, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — FFA (Financial Fortress Advisor Limited), a pioneer in the development of digital asset quantitative trading, recently has launched its very own Cryptocurrency Exchange, WDX (WeDream Exchange) and firmly set its sight on the Asian Digital Currencies Market.

GameStop’s saga may be over, but its effect on Wall Street isn’t. The frenzy around GameStop’s stock may have quieted down, but the outsized influence retail investors had in the saga is likely to stick around.

No one expects another supernova like GameStop to happen again, where a band of smaller-pocketed investors helped boost a struggling company’s stock 1,000% in two weeks. But the tools they employed can be used again and again, if those retail investors stay connected on social media forums and if regulators don’t change the rules to hinder them.

In our general understanding of the stock market, in a battle against financial institutions and hedge funds, retail investors often end up on the losing end. What GameStop did, though, was show how a group of smaller investors banding together can dramatically push up a stock in the short term. Retail investors gathered and “Community Consensus” becomes the core cohesion of their success. The mobilization of the retail investors has apparent characteristics of decentralization. There is no leader ringing charges in the community and it basically relies on the strong emotions or consensus that permeates the entire community, breaking the old order represented by the Wall Street.

WDX (WeDream Exchange) is the world’s first cryptocurrency quantitative trading exchange build on a large-scale community consensus system. When a user makes a deposit in WDX to trade, the consensus contract built into the exchange will be activated, allowing users to interact with each other in managing the price of WeDream Token (WDT). Through repeated trading to release locked principle tokens, the cycle creates a profit sharing model, which in turn contribute to the stable and sustainable price increase of the token.

Like the community consensus aiding the GameStop’s share price, WDX’s community consensus mechanism takes into account the community’s total token storage, unlocking and quantitative trading, so that token price on the platform has a unique upside benefit with excellent profit margins. In short, it is also harnessing the power of “the community” to have a “common consensus” in performing a “similar pattern” of buy-sell orders.

With the GameStop’s saga still fresh in our minds, are we anytime soon going to be witnessing another 1,000% rise in the stock market? Or will it be the crypto market?

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