The second IEO project is announced – High-tech incubator NTC is about to be listed on CoinAll


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CoinAll, the world’s leading digital crypto exchange, announced that it will launch the second Star Project IEO, the top global high-tech industry incubator platform, New Technology Chain (NTC). The token sales will be on August 30, 15:00 (HKT). There will be a 20 minute subscription session for NTC sale.

New Technology Chain is dedicated to building the world’s top high-tech cultivation and growth ecosystem. Relying on blockchain technology, it has created a platform for users to directly participate in high-tech project investment with digital assets and share the benefits of project exit.

Star Project is a project display platform launched by CoinAll. It is divided into two parts: Star Project IEO and Lightning (no token sales stage). It provides high-quality project team with one-stop service from project initiation to seed user obtaining. In June of this year, CoinAll completed the first IEO, Pivot, the world’s largest blockchain community, and achieved great success.

According to the announcement, the IEO will be launched on August 30th. The total sales volume is 12,000,000 NTC and in 0.025USD. The sales will be made by appointment. There will be a 20 minutes subscription session for NTC sale. At the same time, support OKB and USDT for subscription.

Headquartered in Singapore, NTC brings together first-line blockchain technical talents and professional fund managers to create an eco-chain of “High-tech projects + professional foundation managers + digital asset users”. Globally, high-tech projects with long-term value for human beings are tapped, and users can directly participate in the investment through NTC and share the project’s exit benefits.

As for CoinAll, after reviewing and evaluating hundreds of projects, CoinAll developed a complete project valuation model, according which, CoinAll can judge the quality of the project quickly and accurately. In a short period, there have been several projects including Lambda, Famton, Fusion, PVT, etc. landed on top exchanges such as OKEx and Binance after listing on CoinAll.

In addition, behind CoinAll, there are OKEx’s world-leading security system, 24-hour global customer service and more than 20 million user base. Within one year of its establishment, CoinAll jumped to top 10 in the CMC rankings.

From the perspective of past projects, CoinAll has great points in terms of project selection, system stability and transaction depth after IEO. This high-tech field and the blockchain cross-border hand in hand, can collide with what kind of fireworks, it is worth looking forward to.