Tourcom Blockchain Secures First Listing on Global Cryptocurrency Exchange,


Tourcom Blockchain has signed a strategic partnership agreement with BW Exchange to be listed on this top 10 global exchange on September 4, 2019.

This agreement enables Tourcom Blockchain not only to enter the global market instantly and benefit from an inflow of investors from around the world, but it also lays the groundwork for becoming a global travel platform by simplifying its subscription to over one million BW Exchange members.

Tourcom Blockchain will be listed at 8 p.m. on Sept. 4th, after participating in the BW Exchange’s ‘To-The-Moon’ public sale program on September 2nd. ‘To-The-Moon’ is a launch pad exclusively operated by the BW Exchange: 3 users form a team to participate after applying for the sale, and can participate in the sale only if selected through a draw. Assets are deducted from the account of the 3 members of the winning team. Conducted not as a first come, first served basis, but 100% randomly, the fairness of the participating applicants on the launch pad has been further enhanced.

BW Exchange currently operates world’s top 3 mining pools and records a daily trading volume of about 600 million USD, maintaining its status as a top 10 exchange in terms of trading volume according to Coin Market Cap. Along with USDT, BTC, and ETH markets, it also operates QC (Yuan) and KC (KRW) markets. Recognizing the growth of the individual travel market, BW Exchange has decided on the listing and strategic alliance with Tourcom Blockchain.

Cathy Zhu, Global CEO of BW Exchange stated, “We agreed to list Tourcom Blockchain on our exchange due to its incumbent number of members and established business, overseas partnerships, and high potential for growth, which lays a solid foundation for the application of blockchain technology. We have entered this partnership agreement to support Tourcom Blockchain in securing more users from the Chinese and Vietnamese markets, increasing the platform’s influence and to achieve great results together.”

Young Doo, Cho, COO, TOURCOM stated, “As Tourcom Blockchain’s global platform is expected to be launched early next year, partnering with a global cryptocurrency exchange with notable overseas exposure is critical. We have agreed to this partnership along with the listing because BW Exchange members can easily participate in Tourcom platform, which will inevitably contribute to the platform’s expansion.”

Tourcom Blockchain’s AI and blockchain-based travel platform for independent travelers is designed to enrich travel experience by helping them conveniently find compatible travel companions, local guides, and customized schedules that reflect travelers’ interests. Through the Dapp, which is scheduled to be released next year, travelers, travel guides and travel agencies will be able to participate as travel information providers and evaluators who will receive compensation through Tourcom tokens (TCO) for their participation. These tokens can be used as a means of payment to purchase travel products, and guide services. Participating businesses can use tokens to pay for advertising space and even data.


Tourcom is a well-grounded travel company with an unprecedented concept of “Travel-now-pay-later.” This company records 20 million dollars in yearly sales, over 1400+ affiliated sales people, and 130,000 existing members. Tourcom Blockchain is Tourcom’s Blockchain project operated by ‘Tourcom Global’, which is based in Singapore.

SOURCE Tourcom Blockchain