Unlimited Bug Bounty Follows Huawei Cloud Partnership – Enterprises take Notice of aelf’s Security Focus


On Oct 22nd, aelf announced the launch of their unlimited bug Bounty Campaign, the latest in a string of announcements over the last couple of months for the Singapore-based blockchain company. The last year has seen an unprecedented number of projects fold in the tough startup environment of the blockchain industry. While others have struggled, aelf has made strong progress. The last 6 months saw the development team focus on fine-tuning and bug fixing an already complete enterprise ready, blockchain solution. This extensive testing has given the team such high confidence in their platform that they have launched a public bug bounty without a prize pool limit.

The finetuning has involved efforts from other enterprises resulting in close collaborations and partnerships with aelf from companies such as Orange Teleco (Europe), Amaten (Japan), Chainlink, and most recently, Huawei Cloud.

The aelf project has always held an open source spirit with all code available through their Github account where anyone can make contributions. The bug bounty program is a popular event run by blockchain projects and allows for arguably more thorough checking than internal audits may provide. This latest bug bounty by aelf has rewards broken into 3 categories (Major, Minor, & General) with the ‘highest category seeing rewards of over $1,500for individual bugs reported. Users are invited to test the network through the test token available, with every encouragement to push the network to its limits. The team have indicated this program is the last steps in finalizing an enterprise ready blockchain before launching it publicly. The enterprise version is currently in beta stage but has full functionality and a complete set of features and tools.

Aelf is one of the few projects that have seen solid development throughout the last year with their GitHub repository often sitting top for commit activity. Zhuling Chen, aelf Co-Founder & COO, explained:

“It is in these tough times where there is very little noise that the serious projects can get some real groundwork done. It is exciting to see all the hard work from the last couple of years come to fruition as we solidify partnerships and develop real use cases to help enterprises stay ahead of their game.”

For more information on visit aelf.io & the Bug Bounty Announcement.

About aelf:

aelf is a multi-chain network and smart contract platform pioneering blockchain in business. aelf’s blockchain will enable businesses to operate their applications on the public chain domain, or their own private chains, without the hassle of building their own. Within the aelf ecosystem, each application will have its own resources to secure high performance. aelf’s token (ELF) was recently selected by Huobi’s HB10 fund as one of the top 10 most reliable investments based on its well-founded platform. aelf recently announced the results of its initial testnet, which achieved 15,000 transactions per second (TPS). For more information, visit aelf.io