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LONDON, June 21, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Whilst Bitcoin (BTC) has been in the limelight often and more in recent times, it is not the only cryptocurrency with big plans to change the world. A start-up project called Seedify has been making waves around the crypto world in recent times.

Seedify, a project started by Levent Cem Aydan, an American educated Turkish entrepreneur, has developed an incubation fund to launch the next generation of Bitcoins. With a huge army of backers, the Seedify HODLers, numbering nearly 20,000, it has been boosted to worldwide prominence in the crypto community.

What makes Seedify unique?

Mr Aydan founded Seedify out of frustration at the attitudes of the traditional Private Equity industry towards fledgling cryptocurrency start-ups in his native Turkey during the 2018 crypto boom. Demanding up to half the equity in start-up projects they left no room for entrepreneurs to innovate or get motivated to develop their businesses.

Leveraging that frustration to good effect, he founded Seedify in January 2021, to allow owners of Seedify’s own crypto token, SFUND, to vote on which projects were funded. In exactly the sort of direct, mass ownership that crypto promises Seedify allows token owners to vote, in proportion to their holdings, on project proposals as well as key decisions facing Seedify. In fact, taking it a step further, he opened up ownership beyond the wealthy to anyone able to put their hand up and register for free tokens earlier this year. This meant that over 25,000 people were able to own SFUND and can decide on its investments later this year – a far cry from the slack handful of executives and wealthy investors usually found in traditional providers.

What is Seedify?

Seedify offers budding crypto entrepreneurs the chance to line up online in from of Seedify’s token owners and pitch their business proposal. If they gain 80% or more of the votes then they will receive a 75,000 USD seed fund from Seedify together with a package of support.

Whilst the cash is designed to allow project owners to develop their business, it is the support offered that adds equal value. In Seedify’s view, it allows the business to focus on its core utility rather than worrying about their choice of auditors or whether their developers are trustworthy. Using their extensive network of partners and advisors they will ensure the business has a fighting chance to survive till it is time to go to market.         

The final piece of the puzzle is the launchpad – a means for crypto start-ups to fly the nest by offering their own crypto tokens, at a discount, to Seedify’s own SFUND investors in return for capital – a process known as an Initial Decentralised Exchange Offering (IDO). The secret sauce of Seedify is giving 3% of their token supply to Seedify and their 25,000+ token holders on clearing the launchpad. This not only pays back their support it also provides the token holders with a return on the investment.

In a final example of community governance, Seedify will also be allowing token holders to contribute their own expertise to the incubation process later in 2021. Rather than just relying on the limited expertise in the fast-moving crypto market they will leverage the talents of their own investors where appropriate.

Is the vision of a more open and democratic investment vehicle, dreamt by Mr Aydan in 2018, coming to fruition? It is early days but the signs are looking good. A recent listing on a top tier crypto currency exchange together with some eminent advisors joining recently demonstrate that this dream is now close to reality.

Seedify HODLers – the secret army powering SFUND

A growing community of Seedify investors, known as the Seedify HODLers, has propelled the project with considerable velocity across the crypto-verse and on into the world beyond.

This group has leveraged the power of social media, together with their dedication to the Seedify vision, to energise the wider community on their vision of a grass roots driven seed stage fund. They educate and inform on major platforms such as Twitter, Telegram, and Instagram to ensure that SFUND ownership becomes widespread. Recently gaining top ranking on major crypto sites such as CoinGecko they are a force to be reckoned with.

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