#VoIP33 Enhances Business Transformation with Increased #VoIP Adoption


DENVER, June 6, 2019 /PRNewswire/ — VoIP33 (www.voip33.com) is helping thousands of small and medium businesses across the world to adopt VoIP to cut costs and improve profitability. Companies are fast leveraging VoIP solutions to improve their productivity and enhance mobility. Cloud-based telephony systems with Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) is transforming global business operations.

Apart from giving a wide range of choices, VoIP business phones offers businesses a host of benefits. Ease of use, mobility, cost savings, and flexibility and the option to bring your own device (BYOD) are just a few of them. They don’t need to rely on one particular phone company and pay extra for additional features anymore.

As per recent IBIS research, VoIP adoption by a new business reduces start-up costs by more than 90%. Another report stated that more than 70% of US businesses have employed unified communications platforms or are considering to do so in 2020.

Strong growth in the VoIP market is speeding up the marked shift from the traditional circuit-switched networks to cloud-based packet-switched networks. With hundreds of technologies moving to the cloud, hosted solutions with cloud infrastructure are expected to continue their rapid growth.

When VoIP was introduced in the late 1990s, business adoption to this technology was very slow. In North America, VoIP had less than 5% share of business calls made in 2001. In 2008, VoIP adoption started growing steadily with faster communication speeds, convenience, and substantial cost savings for businesses. By 2020, corporate consumers of VoIP are forecasted to be more than 204.8 billion.

Businesses are saving big when switching to VoIP. Recent research shares that companies switching to VoIP are saving approximately 30% of their annual phone bills each year.  With a VoIP phone system, they are paying zero for additional phone features and onsite technicians. It translates to a minimum savings of $35 a month per phone line and $1200 per phone line over two years.

VoIP technology is helping businesses cut their telecommunication costs sharply by 30-50%. Companies are able to stay flexible, empower their mobile workforce, and succeed. The sales results are improving, and customers are gaining by enhanced service and support. VoIP offers businesses, 99.99% guaranteed uptime. Certainly no company would want to pass these benefits.

It is time to enhance employee productivity with improved communication and collaboration features. VoIP lets them increase their productivity, be flexible with custom features without the additional cost.

With the introduction of fifth-generation (5G) wide-area wireless networks, businesses now enjoy improved VoIP services. They will get faster response rates, communication speeds, and eliminate packet loss and call jitters. By 2020, more than 25 VoIP service providers are expected to launch their corporate 5G service.

Introduction of blockchain technology in VoIP is also expected to enhance number migration for enhanced safety of telecom regulators and end users.

Enhanced encryption is also increasing the operational efficiency of IP based telephony. Businesses can look forward to better features, faster communication speeds at reasonable rates.

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