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On August 3rd, 2019 Gaimin decision to go “ALL IN” on their first token sale plan, unfolded with an aggressive push in Asia followed by Europe.  “Time has come to show the world what we have in the palm of our hands,” said Chief Marketing Officer Andrew Faridani.  “We have been working very hard over the past year and a half to be where we are today, with a time tested, proven technology that will bring together two powerhouse entities; the gaming industry and the blockchain.”

Gaimin’s demand from the gaming community was evident when the first 2,000 gamers signed up at the Madrid Games Week last Oct, 2018 agreeing to participate once Gaimin launched. “We couldn’t get a no from the gamers, not one gamer declined our offer to download our software and start using it, we knew then, this was going to be a hit.” was Martin Speight’s (Gaimin CEO) reaction.  After extensive Alpha testing of the platform, with over 100 testers in 12 countries, the technology was proven to work and thus began the big push to get the word out.

The company has the potential to help achieve true mass adoption of cryptos via the massive global gaming community. Gamers are already familiar with the concept of “digital currencies” because of the widespread use of tokens in most of the top games, and when you couple that with the sheer size and rapid growth of the gaming phenomena, the possibilities are genuinely huge!

One of the keys to Gaimin’s planned growth is their ‘partnering’ with the EOS public blockchain. From a technical standpoint EOS is the perfect partner for gaming related companies who want to incorporate blockchain because of its transaction speed, scalability and their important focus on community!

Another key factor is the timing of the Gaimin token sale. It appears as though the crypto markets are emerging from their “crypto winter” and the whole ecosystem looks set to start the next leg of bull run.

Token Sale Plan: Tokenomics

The GMRX Token

GMRX is a token with the primary function of being a digital “currency” to be used on Gaimin.io and other associated platforms as the exclusive method of payment for all transactions.

1) Round Structure

– Total Token Supply Fixed at: 5,000,000,000

– Total Tokens to be sold via Public Token Sale events (20%): 1,000,000,000

Gaimin will operate multiple rounds for investors privately and publicly through token sale events.

2) Token Distribution

The key elements to take note of are

(i) the 30% allocation to the company used as a reserve to assist with unfavorable market conditions and balance the GMRX ecosystem, and

(ii) the 30% allocation to the “Kickstart Program” to help kickstart the Gaimin.io community and
incentivize the community to be active long-term members.

Beyond that, the founders will take 15% and advisors/seed investors 5%, both groups have strong vestment periods in order to claim all of their allotted tokens.  The remaining 20% is for investors and the general public to purchase via token sale events

Social Media Success:

The response from social media has been incredible.  Gaimin has seen a surge in activity over the last month since they have started the push towards becoming a household name and aiming for their first Token Sale event.  Gaimin’s Facebook post reach up by +8.1K%, Post Engagement up +1.9K% and New Page Likes +2.1K%, their Telegram Group has increased by +678%.  Over 3,000 airdrops are scheduled to be issued, the big pushis underway.  All of this is due to unveiling to the world what Gaimin is about, the unique position they hold in connecting gamers and the blockchain, and what it truly means to give back to the gaming community: Enabling them to receive free in-game assets, hardware and software is just the beginning.

“Is Gaimin too good to be true? NO, it’s too good to miss.” – CMO, Andrew Faridani.

For more information, visit: https://www.gaimin.io

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