#WBF2019 #Singapore Conference “The Era of Reg Tech & Digital Finance”


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WBF2019 Singapore Technology Conference hosted by WBF was grandly opened at Marina Bay Sands in Singapore. With the theme of “The Era of Reg Tech & Digital Finance”, the conference will further explore the combination of technology and supervision through the joint efforts from all parties in the global blockchain industry, and continuously develop the new border of blockchain technology.

The two days conference held in Singapore Marina Bay Sands on the 22nd and 23rd June 2019, provided many exchanging ideas and new possibilities that gathered many like-minded individuals to share their views and ideas.

WBF event COO, Ms Jannie Wu, kicked started the event, by giving her opening speech introducing WBF 2019 Singapore to focus on the Asia-Pacific region and will be deeply exploring the potential of digital finance and connect the world development trend. WBF positioned itself to be “Global pioneer” and since its inception in 2017, it has successfully hosted conferences in London, Singapore, Jeju, ShenZhen and New York being the 5th World Blockchain Technology conference, and has since become the world’s top resource of entry and flow of the global blockchain platform.

Followed by Ms Bella Fang, Director of WBF Exchange made announcement of the emerging of their new Digital Asset Exchange applying to the Sand Box in Singapore, aiming to be the world №1 Digital Asset Exchange.

Bitcoin opened a new wave of blockchain in 2008, and of course 2019 is the year Facebook’s Libra made its debut. At the same time, countries around the world have also introduced policies to integrate blockchain into a strategic layout. The event participants expressed their feelings and thoughts, and Facebook’s Libra was definitely the talk of the century.

WBF Group launched a number of high-quality keynote speeches and roundtable discussions which revolved around “The Practice of Technology,” and “The Future of Digital Finance”, brought to us by leaders from Ernst & Young and Litecoin Foundation. They touched on topics of digital currency, exchanges, regulatory technology and in-depth analysis of the blockchain world where unlimited possibilities are yet to be discovered.

In today’s digital world where almost everyone around you owns a smart-gadget, it is only a matter of time where everything converts into digitized form; and that includes Finance.

Digital, the word that has been increasingly heard all around the world now, brings in a huge impact on the financial and banking industry. With the prospect of reaching billions more of new customers, banks and nonbanks have began to hop onto the trend of going “Digital” and offering such financial services for financially excluded and underserved populations, building on the approach that has been used for years to improve access for those who are already served by banks and other financial institutions.

“ The benefits of digital finance extend well beyond conventional financial services: This can also be a powerful tool and an engine for job creation in developing countries. “

Jin-Yong Cai

IFC executive vice president and CEO

Though the combination of regulation and technology is not new to us, it is becoming more and more crucial as levels of regulations continue to rise and the focus on data and reporting increases. With RegTech, significant cost savings is offered to the financial services industry and regulators, making it more efficient in providing compliance and to facilitate the delivery of regulatory requirements.

A large number of speakers gathered to discuss several hot topic field interaction. Here are just some of the extracts…

As the world is moving forward in technology advancements, the accelerated development of digital finance and technological innovation has become the current reality that exists everywhere. Blockchain Founders Fund Partner, Polymath consultant and UN Consultant Aly Madhavi believe that the true innovation of blockchain technology is not to create wealth for some people, but to find real scene applications, and to solve current problems of trust and inefficiency in a new generation of business world. He talked about a series of blockchain techniques that were exemplified in finance, education, entertainment and social preliminary application and production of media and enterprise warehousing, product traceability, etc.

Digital currency is another important topic of the conference, which talked about the future digital currency and legal currency. Addressing the relationship, PwC Strategy & Partner & EMEA Blockchain Representative Dr Danial Diemers state that: Digital currency is a new form of currency. There will be more cryptocurrencies in the future- your gems, real estate, music version, game currency, etc. Sooner or later, everything will be tokenized. Even so, traditional currency will not disappear as both of them will coexist for a long time. This brought a round of applause from the audience and guests as a means of agreement.

Concluding the panel session, the moderator threw a question for all of the speakers — Where does bitcoin go from here? Almost instantaneously, the panelists all agreed that bitcoin has a bullish prospect and are all very positive with regards to its future. Though we should note that these are only personal opinion and not financial advice.

Rafael Padila, co-founder of the Philippine Blockchain Association, believes that with relation to the combination of blockchain technology and finance, the Philippine government should maintain an inclusive attitude but it encompasses many challenges in practice and will still need to draw on the experience of other countries.

In the era of changing revolutions today, “WBF 2019 Singapore Technology Conference Blockchain awards ceremony” brought together participants from all over the world. Even though the language spoken is different, the attention to the blockchain is equally enthusiastic.

On the evening of June 22nd, the Asian Blockchain Awards Ceremony given out five major awards.“Top Ten Frontier Science and Technology Projects”, “Top Ten Investment Institutions”, “Top Ten Digital Asset Management Projects” and “Ten Five Outstanding Exchanges and the Top Ten Innovation Media Awards.The ceremony aims to recognize companies and individuals who have made outstanding contributions in this field and set a new benchmark for industry development. Top blockchain companies and projects from many Asian countries, including China, Japan, Korea, Indonesia, Vietnam, and the Philippines.

Congrats to all awards recipients. There were as follows:

“Asia Top 10 Frontier Science & Technology Projects”: 运通链、井通、INE、Trias、Top Network、Everitoken、HashKey、Ground X、COSMOS、ICON “Asia Top 10 Investment Institutions”:Node Capital、达晨创投、Blockchain Founders Fund、True Global Ventures、Sora Ventures、JRR、分布式资本、FBG、SBI、Hashed “Asia Top 10 Digital Asset Management Projects”:众安国际、Infinity Blockchain Labs、Anypay、Hash-u、Tasuki、newbloc、SwissBorg、PundiX、Imtoken、Syrup Wallet “Asia Top 5 Outstanding Digital Exchange”:Bithumb、Huobi、Liquid / Quoine、Coss、Gate.io、Binance 、Indodax、Kucoin、BitMex、BitFlyer “Asia Top 10 Innovation Media”:币世界、巴比特、币快报、Business Blockchain Center、Coin Post、Blockchain №1、布洛克/Beecast、Aire Voice、Cointokyo、Token Post

After the WBF2019 Singapore Technology Conference, WBF next meeting venue shall march to New York in September. Till then!