WSGF CEO Discusses Future Functionality And Marketing Plans After Launching V-1 Short-Term Rental Property Alt Finance Purchase App


Dallas, Texas, June 24, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — World Series of Golf, Inc. (OTC Pink: WSGF) (“WSGF”) today released a management update discussing the recent version-1 release of the Vaycaychella App, and future plans tor the App. The update also previews the company’s plan to market the App in conjunction with a corporate name change currently underway.

WSGF acquired Vaycaychella last year and made Vaycaychella its primary business focus. WSGF is in the process of changing its name to reflect the new business focus.

At the time of the acquisition, Vaycaychella had developed a pilot business demonstrating an alternative financing model to back entrepreneurs in the purchase and restoration of properties around which to build short-term rental vacation operations. 

Vaycaychella had, at the time of the acquisition, a number of beach house properties, primarily in Cuba, that had been restored and were already available on Airbnb, VRBO, and

Since the acquisition, WSGF has developed a software application based on Vacaychella’s alternative financing model.  The purpose of the software application is to expand Vaycaychella’s pilot alternative financing model globally.

WSGF has recently launched a Peer to Peer (P2P), Fintech, Alternative Short-Term Rental Purchase Finance Application (App), called Vaycaychella.

Vaycaychella allows anyone and everyone access to purchasing a short-term rental vacation property that can be listed on Apps such as Airbnb, VRBO and

The Vaycaychella App lets buyers create a profile to present their own talent and experience, in addition to presenting the potential of the property to generate income.

Anyone can register as an investor – individuals or institutions.  Registered investors can view details on the prospective short-term vacation rental properties and the individuals behind the vacation rental businesses that will be running the property.

The management update today comes from the WSGF CEO, William “Bill” Justice, and is included in its entirety below:

We have received a good many emails with questions about the Vaycaychella App as it is today and our future plans in addition to questions about the WSGF holding company. 

In an effort to address all the questions we have received; I’m going to try and provide herein our basic thinking on the Vaycaychella App – where we are today and where we plan to go.  Following that, I will address the WSGF name change and the marketing plan we intend to launch subsequent to the name change.

The Vaycaychella App is currently a server-based software application.

Many Apps today are client server-based structures where some of the software resides on a user’s (or client’s) device (computer, I-pad, smartphone etc.).

The Vaycaychella App resides entirely on our internal server.  It is accessed through a browser on a user’s device.

A server-based App limits the complexity of dealing with the operating system of multiple devices.  However, a server-based App still has to manage the complexity of dealing with multiple browsers.

An App that includes client resident software can offer enhanced graphical user interface options and better interface with other App’s on a user’s device.

Just because Vaycaychella does not have a client resident software component, does not mean that the Vaycaychella software solution is not an “App.”  The word “App” is simply short for “Application.”  An “Application” is short for “Software-Application” which is a computer program that provides useful functions.

I recognize the word “App” has been somewhat usurped by Apple to infer a client resident software, and understand that may be causing some confusion in regard to the Vaycaychella App.

We received one email from a shareholder that suggested we refer to the Vaycaychella App as a “Web-App” rather than an App that must be downloaded from an App or Play Store. 

We do have future plans to include a client resident component so that we can create interfaces with other client resident Apps.

In the meantime, the Vaycaychella App version-1 is intended to simply enable entrepreneurs, or rentrepreneurs, to list their target short-term rental projects and to let investors view the projects.  This basic functionality includes the ability for rentrepreneurs to also publish their personal profile so that they can market their individual talent and experience as well as the ordinary fundamentals of their project.

Our software was developed by a European development firm, and the European approach to telephone numbers created some confusion when signing up.  I think we have that issue resolved.  Inevitably, we will have other interface rough spots that need smoothing.  As with all software, we will have bugs that need resolving.

We are very pleased with our help desk function.  Our resource behind the help tab and help email is responsive and knowledgeable and working directly with the developers.

We expect to have some updates periodically integrated into the existing Vaycaychella App version-1.  Later this year, we will have a comprehensive version 2 update that includes more transactional functionality.

Currently, signup for the App is conducted via a registration on our website.  We took this approach in an attempt to handhold initial users on to a brand-new software.  This coming weekend, we plan to update our website to include a direct link to the Vaycaychella App with no pre-registration process required.

Vaycaychella’s founding partner/customer, V Royal, is working with us to introduce new projects that will be backed by cryptocurrency. We have posted the project on the Vaycaychella App.  We plan to reach out to interested parties and work to attract more interested parties.  

On my own behalf and on behalf of everyone at Vaycaycehlla, I am very, very excited about the Tarara project in Cuba.  Tarara is the community in Cuba where the Vaycaychella backed pilot short-term rental vacation properties are located and where V Royal plans to expand by seeking financing through the Vaycaychella App. Tarara has a beautiful beach and the 500 some-odd houses there have beautiful architecture.  The vast majority of them are just in need of rather extensive renovations.  With the exception of access to materials, the use of local resources makes the renovations very reasonable expense wise.  

To express the beauty of the beach and the homes in Tarara as best I can, I will share with you, as we have on the project summary on the Vaycaychella App, V Royal rented one of the houses backed by Vaycaychella to Penelope Cruz and her husband Javier Bardem. Penelope Cruz was filming a movie in Cuba last year and rented one of our houses to stay for the filming duration with her husband and two children.  

We also get foreign diplomats working at embassies in Cuba and News crews traveling to Cuba, in addition to hosting local and foreign vacationers.  

We believe Tarara has the potential to be fully restored into a world class beach vacation destination and to generate much needed economic benefit for the local Cuban community.

We feel many, if not most of the users that have signed up for the Vaycaychella App to date are also investors in WSGF. Most of the users have signed up as “investors.” We are eager to launch a marketing campaign to drive more users to the App posting their short-term rental projects.  We plan to launch a marketing campaign once the company name is changed and consistent with the name of the App.  

A name change requires a CUSIP number change and CUSIP numbers are managed by FINRA.  We have an open request with FINRA for the name change.  The request process is interactive.  FINRA asks questions about the name change and the company in general and the company responds to the questions.  We believe we are toward the end of this process and anticipate a name change to be forthcoming soon.  However, I cannot guarantee that we are at the end.  I can guarantee we will keep working on it until the name change is achieved.

I hope this update helps to provide insight and clarity.  We thank everyone for their questions, comments, and suggestions.

Bill Justice

To learn more and keep up with the latest updates at Vaycaychella, and to access the Vaycaychella App, visit

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